The Road So Far

Other work

Prior to the definition of our products Content Blocks and Dynamic Grid, we took a generalized view on content editing in the page module, starting following tasks:

Create 16 personas based on personality types (finished in November 2019)

  1. Create questions and predefined answers (finished in March 2020)
  2. Translate into German  (finished in March 2020)
  3. Publish (finished in March 2020)
  4. Evaluate Answers (finished in May 2020)
  1. Evaluate/decide if a post-/preprocessor should be utilized (finished in April 2020)
  2. Evaluate the usefulness of the new AssetCollector  (finished in April 2020)
  3. Initiate necessary adjustments/enhancements to the AssetCollector (finished in August 2020)
  4. Dependency management: Collect use cases, technical requirements and prioritize them (finished in October 2020)
  5. Enhance AssetCollector with feature to utilize the file structure the Content Block registration proposed (finished in October 2020)
  6. Extend Content Block registration API to handle assets (finished in October 2020)

Create User Stories  based on the survey results

Accessibility Review the new page module