Get Involved in the Community Writers Program

The goals of the TYPO3 Community Writers Program are three fold

  1. To boost the signal of TYPO3’s capabilities and awesome community to attract decision makers, developers, and contributors to use TYPO3.
  2. Produce English language content and publish on,, as well as the participant’s company or personal websites.
  3. Increase the contributions from people with content marketing skills and recognize the value of their contribution, particularly in reaching new audiences.

How to get involved

Join bi-weekly meetings to look over content ideas and submissions and help the community keep up to date. Here are some ways you can get involved.

TYPO3 Association Newsletters get published bi-monthly, usually on the last Tuesday of that month. January, March, May, July, September, November. We try to get all the content prepared two weeks before publishing.  

How to get an article published on

Your news makes a big difference. The Content Team can help you with copyediting so don’t worry about your writing skills. Find out what kinds of submissions we're looking for, and how to submit your ideas.

Tutorial: Learn how to conduct an interview

People's real experiences are the beating heart of creating empathic content that moves readers to action. This is where you'll get testimonials, quotes, and memorable stories that connect to readers. How can you capture their experiences in their own words? In this workshop, learn how to conduct an interview, and listen for great stories. Get ready to conduct your first interview.