The Accessibility Team

Improve and maintain the accessibility of TYPO3

The Accessibility Team helps to improve and maintain the accessibility in TYPO3. Therefore we share our accessibility expertise with all TYPO3 developers, but that is not enough. That is why we additionally look for supporters of an accessible TYPO3. Feel free to get in contact if you are interested in helping us or have questions regarding accessibility.

We also promote this topic in the community to boost accessibility long term.

How can you meet us?

You can contact us in the TYPO3 slack channel #accessibility. That is also where we meet once a month to discuss accessibility topics in the TYPO3 Accessibility Hour.

Upcoming events

The TYPO3 Accessibility Team invites you to participate in the TYPO3 Accessibility Hour. It is a monthly call in the slack channel #accessibility.

Everyone interested in TYPO3 or Accessibility or both is welcome to participate. We are looking forward to discuss questions regarding accessibility questions related to TYPO3. You can also bring your questions along and we will discuss on them.

Michael Telgkamp
Team Lead, Germany

Paul Hansen
Co Lead
Web developer, USA

Elisabeth Zeilinger
Co Lead, Austria

Stefan Farnetani
Accessibility Specialist, Germany

Torben Hansen
Developer, Germany

Open Accessibility Sprint

In October 2020 we had a successful online sprint to improve the TYPO3 Accessibility. More information on this can be found in the news article on the Accessibility Sprint.

Why is accessibility important

Accessibility is an essential part of an inclusive user experience. Improving accessibility by removing barriers will simplify the usage of TYPO3 for everyone.

Support Editors

To support editors, information on accessibility issues should be given on editing elements. We could highlight missing alternative texts for images. Additionally helping information on how to write a good alternative text can be given. Editors need to be aware of accessibility. Then should be guided in creating accessible webcontent.

The Backend accessibility

The user interface of the authoring tool is not accessible yet. Firstly we set a focus on keyboard interaction. In addition the layout and the design as well as a consistent usage of interactive elements needs to be in focus.

Accessible Frontend

The frontend is the most important part for the audience of a website. Delivering an accessible frontend is already possible with TYPO3. However we still want to improve and update the default rendering.