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What is the My TYPO3 account?

My TYPO3 is your centralized account management platform. By registering for My TYPO3, you create one centralized account for all your activities in the TYPO3 ecosystem. No matter if you want to create a Slack account, book online certifications, attend training courses, or buy at the TYPO3 shop. With the My TYPO3 account, you have all services at your fingertips.

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When do I need a My TYPO3 login?

If you want to use online services of the or infrastructure a personalized login is needed. The most important services are:

Registration Process

  1. Visit to start the registration process
  2. Choose a unique username for your My TYPO3 Login. Usernames can contain the following characters: a to z (lowercase), 0 to 9, - _ . and @. Note that your username can not be changed once it has been saved. 
  3. Confirm your email adress. During the registration process, you need to confirm your personal mail adress.
  4. Once the registration process is finished, you will receive a welcome message and your account is active.

In some cases the admin group will validate your registration manually. This is needed to prevent fake accounts and spam. Please note also, that we do not accept one time mail adresses.