The TYPO3 Documentation Team

Our main goal is comprehensive, relevant, up-to-date and easy to find documentation about TYPO3 products for all users.

The Documentation Team sets the stage for you - the community - to write great documentation. Though we do love to write and update documentation, the purpose of our team is to provide the TYPO3 community with the tools to improve documentation.  

This includes information about using the tools to write great documentation. We strongly encourage the community to get involved. If you want to start right now, skip to the Contribute section on this page!

Contact us

The best way to contact the Documentation Team is in the Slack #typo3-documentation channel.

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Slack Calls

The Documentation Team uses regular Slack calls to talk about ongoing tasks. The meetings are announced in the Slack channel #typo3-documentation

Become Part of the Documentation Team!

The Documentation Team provides the infrastructure and support to help the TYPO3 community write great documentation.

  • Documentation is important to you?
  • You would like to work on improving the technical infrastructure?
  • You like to improve things?
  • You want to help us in any way?

 Good documentation is important. You can contribute!

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If you do not wish to officially join the Documentation Team just yet, you can still contribute to the documentation.

Read More About Documentation Contribution

Contribution Workflow

Did you know that contributing to the documentation has never been easier? That you are just one click away from starting a contribution yourself every time you visit a page on Every official manual is contained in a GitHub repository and can be edited by anyone with a GitHub account. You can also edit a page directly on GitHub. All you need for that is a browser. If you are familiar with using Git and Docker, you can clone the repository and edit and render locally instead. 

Contribute now!

Ways to Contribute

There are several ways to contribute and things you can do as a contributor:

Past Achievements

You can browse through the Documentation Changelogs to see past achievements. But do note that a significant number of these achievements were contributed by community members who were not Documentation Team members. But that is a good thing because that is what we want to do: Involve you in creating great documentation.

Responsibilities of the Documentation Team

The Documentation Team provides the following:

  • Information about how to write documentation

  • Support via the Slack channel #typo3-documentation: Answer questions about writing documentation and using the tools

  • Support the TYPO3 CMS Core Team and other teams in their documentation efforts

  • Rendering of official manuals and extensions on the documentation server via automated toolchain

  • Docker image for local rendering

  • Theme

  • Organize sprints for working on documentation related tasks

  • Promote the work by writing news on, tweeting and speaking at events

The following tasks were previously the responsibility of the documentation team and have now been redefined:

  • Translation of manuals: The Documentation Team can help others in matters concerning workflow and tools, but it concentrates its efforts on manuals in English.

  • The technical infrastructure is handled by the Server Team. Who will coordinate maintaining / migrating the content is yet to be defined.

  • The technical infrastructure is handled by the Server Team.

  • Writing content: Writing content must be a combined effort of the TYPO3 community.

  • Maintaining content: Content must continuously be updated and maintained. The long term goal is to put this in the hands of dedicated manual maintainers.

Documentation News

See also Documentation Changelogs on

  • A grid of avatars.

    Annual Report of the TYPO3 Documentation Team, 2023

    Categories: Community, Documentation, Documentation
    Created by Florian Thiele
    The TYPO3 Documentation Team underwent dynamic changes throughout 2023, fostering resilience and innovation in maintaining and enhancing the project's documentation.
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  • Report From a Three-Day Code Sprint By an Application Development Apprentice

    Categories: Event Report, Community, Documentation
    Created by Florian Thiele
    I joined the TYPO3 Community Sprint held in Düsseldorf 20–22 November 2023. This was my first time attending one of these events in person. Until now, my only experience was an online Community Sprint back in July. It was cool and kinda exciting to meet all these TYPO3 folks face-to-face.
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  • You’re Invited: Best Practices Team Remote Sprint

    Categories: Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS, Documentation
    Created by Daniel Siepmann
    The Best Practices team's inaugural remote sprint is happening on 27 November 2023. We'll meet on Slack for a day of general housework and working through our backlog.
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  • Computer screen on desk in white/minimalist surroundings showing Best Practices Team's web page.

    Report from the Best Practices Team

    Categories: Development, Community, Documentation
    Created by Daniel Siepmann
    This is a half-year report of the Best Practices Team. Read on to find out about our efforts so far, and think about how you can get involved.
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  • Report From a Two-Day Code Sprint at the TYPO3 Offices in Düsseldorf, Germany

    Categories: Community, Documentation
    Created by Sarah McCarthy
    I really didn’t know what to expect when I decided to go to my first code sprint at TYPO3 HQ. I had been to a few TYPO3 bar camps before so I knew a few faces and names, and I had already met Lina Wolf (the head of the Documentation Team) online when I attended a Documentation Team meeting.
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  • Join the Inter-Project Documentation Rendering Code Sprint

    Categories: Development, Community, Documentation
    Created by Lina Wolf
    On 20 and 21 April 2023, members of at least four open-source projects will meet at the TYPO3 office in Düsseldorf, Germany, to bring PHP-based reStructuredText parsing forward.
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  • Annual Report of the TYPO3 Documentation Team, 2022

    Categories: Community, TYPO3 CMS, Documentation
    Created by Lina Wolf
    The TYPO3 documentation tools are constantly improved by the TYPO3 Documentation Team to support you, the reader, in getting comprehensive information and quickly finding answers to your questions, and to help you, the author, in creating documentation and to increase the visibility and popularity of your extension in the TYPO3 world.
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  • Join a Sprint Without Breaking a Sweat

    Categories: Development, Community, Association, TYPO3 CMS, Documentation, Marketing, Education & Certification
    Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    Working intensively together in one place over a few days can be more effective than working alone. That’s why the TYPO3 community organizes sprints. Learn from experts and help a team get stuff done.
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  • Thank you Martin for Many Years of Dedication

    Categories: Community, Documentation
    Created by Lina Wolf
    Martin Bless has decided to step down as Documentation Team leader but he will stay in the team and continue to support us. Lina Wolf will become the new Documentation Team leader.
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  • Documentation Team—Summer Update 2022

    Categories: Community, Documentation
    Created by Tom Warwick
    It’s been a busy summer in the northern hemisphere and we’ve got plenty of updates to share.
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