The TYPO3 Marketing Team

Create. Communicate. Contribute.

The TYPO3 Marketing Team is made up of TYPO3 Association and Community members, that are passionate about spreading the word about TYPO3 and contributing to the project in a non-technical way. Our overall goal is to create and publish sales and marketing resources to help other people to understand what TYPO3 is as well as to support members and agencies advertise and sell TYPO3.

TYPO3 is a highly complex, technical project, that needs a lot of explaining on a non-technical level. We’d like everyone to be able to clearly communicate our strengths and differentiators, where we fit in the market and, how TYPO3 can deliver value to potential clients and customers. Our aim is to increase the adoption of TYPO3 and besides that, also grow our community of developers, marketers and business leaders.

We are in close touch with the CoCoMOn initiative, the Content Group, the Core Team, the Education Team, OSP and the TYPO3 GmbH.

Let's push TYPO3 forward!

What's next?

Currently, the Marketing Team meets online every week to talk about current topics and upcoming tasks. The TYPO3 Marketing Team meets every wednesday. To accommodate all team members in the different time zones, meeting times alternate on a bi-weekly basis: 

  • Project management meeting – Jira task & tickets: 2:00-2:45 pm (Join here)
  • Open topic discussion: 11:00-12:00 am (Join here)

Please feel free to join any of our meetings to participate or listen in – we're looking forward to meeting you!

How to join the Marketing Team

Would you like to contribute or become a part of the Marketing Team? If so, just contact us by sending a mail at marketing(at), come into our #marketing slack channel or contact anyone listed on this page personally! We are looking forward hearing from you!

You are welcome to contribute regularly and join us in our weekly meetings or sporadically whenever you have time. Please just let us know what you would prefer, so that we can plan accordingly.

How to leave the team

If you no longer want to contribute to the Marketing Team for whatever reasons – we're certainly sad to see you leave – but please just let us know :-) Send a mail to luisa.fassbender(at) or ping me @luisasofie in TYPO3 Slack. 

Luisa Faßbender

Team Lead, Germany

Florian Froidevaux

Co-Team Lead, Germany

Mathias Bolt Lesniak

Team Member, Norway

Paul Hansen

Team Member, USA

Tracy Evans

Team Member, Germany

Petra Tosic

Team Member, Germany

Joeline Bersch

Team Member, Germany

Carsten Siewert

Team Member, Germany

Regular contributors

Carlos Llanos

Team Member, Spain

Daniel Fau

Team Member, Germany