How to Spell TYPO3

Uppercase, No Space

TYPO3 is always written in uppercase, with no spaces. This rule covers all products under the TYPO3 project. URLs are the only exception to this rule.

A complete product name should have "TYPO3" as the first word, for example "TYPO3 CMS".

The number "3" is a part of the product name. It is not a version number.

Read about the history of the TYPO3 name.

Dos and Don'ts

The Right Way

  • "TYPO3 CMS"
  • "TYPO3 CMS 8 LTS"
  • "We use TYPO3 CMS for all our sites."
  • "We use TYPO3 for all our sites." (Informal only.)

The Wrong Way

  • "Typo3 is great" (Correct: "TYPO3 is great")
  • "I use typo3" (Correct: "I use TYPO3")
  • "TYPO 3" (Correct: "TYPO3")
  • "Type03" (Correct "TYPO3")

Exceptions for URLs

Always Lowercase

  • "www.typo3.domain"
  • "typo3.domain"
  • "Visit typo3.domain"

Never Mixed Case

  • "Go to this page at Typo3.domain" (Correct: "Go to this page at typo3.domain")
  • "TYPO3.domain" (Correct: "typo3.domain")
  • "www.Typo3.domain" (Correct: "www.typo3.domain")
  • "www.TYPO3.domain" (Correct: www.typo3.domain")
  • "WWW.TYPO3.DOMAIN" (Correct: www.typo3.domain")