The Localization Team

The goal of the localization team is to provide and maintain the services for having TYPO3 core and extensions available in as many languages as possible.

What we do:

We help making the localization process as smooth as possible. We take part helping out in errors and bugs in Crowdin or TYPO3 core, related to localization. We serve developers creating projects on the Crowdin server. And we maintain the localization ecosystem.

What we don’t do:

The Localization Team don’t take part in the actual translation work. The team don’t interfere with discussions about labels, grammar, spelling, etc. We don’t support extensions developers in how to make their extension ready for localization. Members from the Localization Team can, of course, be involved in these processes, but outside the team.

Contact us

The best way to reach out is in the Slack #typo3-localization-team channel.

Register for Slack

We prefer Slack, but you can also reach out through email: localization(at)

Do you want to participate?

We’re a small team but with high ambitions. We can always use more help, so if you want to join us, please consider which area you would like to contribute.

As a translator?

Please have a read on the documentation on how the translation process works out [[LINK]]. It’s easy to get started, but there is a few preconditions.

As a developer?

If you’re an extension developer, and you want to make your new extension available in many languages (or expand an existing extension), please have a read about localizing extensions in the documentation.

As a team member?

If you want to join us, please get in touch. We work on all technical levels and we can always use a helping hand.

Join today, and help making TYPO3 the best CMS in ANY language!


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Preben Rather Sørensen


Mathias Bolt Lesniak

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