Chat with Slack

Slack is an instant messaging and team collaboration tool. It's our main channel for communication in the TYPO3 community.

TYPO3 Slack channel

Please read our introduction to Slack to use our tool properly.

How to get your TYPO3 Slack account

1. Get your My TYPO3 account

In order to get a Slack account, you need a My TYPO3 account first. Head to to register yourself.

Register a new account

If you have already a account, please login in at

2. Slack invite

At your profile page you find the section"Slack". You do have two option. If you have already a Slack account in the TYPO3 Slack workspace, you should use the option "Connect". Otherwise please you "Invite me". 

Once you have clicked "Invite me",  an email with an invitation link is send to your email.

3. Confirm Invitation mail

Open your email client and look for the Invitation mail. Please open the link "Join Now". 

Select then a password for the TYPO3 Slack Workspace and complete your profile.

Please note that your account (LDAP account) does not provide a login option for Slack. You will also need your password, which you define during your registration.