Digital Marketing Enabled

Integrate your whole digital marketing suite – all the tools you know and love – directly into your content management system to help deliver a clear and consistent brand message. Digital marketers use many different applications to create, promote, measure, and analyze their campaigns. Without a clear, central overview, switching between systems and applications can cost you valuable time and lost opportunities. TYPO3’s core content management capabilities can be enhanced by numerous digital marketing integrations, covering the gamut from ads and analytics, to inbound and outbound marketing automation, GDPR compliance, and more.

Marketing Campaign Management

Connect your digital marketing funnel directly through TYPO3’s backend without repeatedly switching between systems.

When people think of marketing campaign management, they think of switching between several different marketing applications and interfaces, which is time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. 

Tightly integrate different marketing services directly into TYPO3 for hassle-free digital marketing. 

  • Integrate with third-party marketing tools and services. TYPO3 integrations like as Google Ads and Mautic enable you to manage marketing campaigns from within TYPO3 and even personalize content for visitors.
  • Create and manage fine-grained user rights in the backend and front end to reduce management overhead. 
  • Avoid repeated switching between marketing applications and TYPO3.
  • Use TYPO3’s workspaces to enable a clean, well-defined workflow within TYPO3.

Data, Analytics, Measurement, & Testing

Monitor your marketing campaign performance with in-depth analytics.

Your marketing campaign strategy defines success. Without measurable metrics, it’s impossible to know how your website and content is performing. You may even be wasting a lot of money in the process, but you don’t know where or why.

Use TYPO3 to analyze and monitor website traffic, conversions, and more to evaluate performance. 

  • Integrate advanced analytics and monitoring tools with extensions, plugins, and APIs to such as Icinga, Prometheus, etc. 
  • Access web statistics directly in the TYPO3 Backend.
  • Integrate Google Analytics for a comprehensive analytical overview of website performance.
  • Conduct A/B tests on forms and content to continually improve the user experience and increase conversion rate.

Data Privacy and GDPR

TYPO3’s data privacy features deliver essential data protection out-of-the-box, with further advanced features available in well-maintained third-party extensions.

Data privacy and security and essential for maintaining trust with website users. European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require that sensitive user data is kept safe and secure, and this affects every aspect of global online services. 

Build and monitor GDPR-compliant applications, TYPO3 supports GDPR in core, extensions, and services. 

  • Improve users privacy with TYPO3 CMS core API. 
  • Automatically purge old user data with TYPO3’s Scheduler module.
  • Customize data protection with third-party GDPR extensions.
  • Meet data protection goals thanks to TYPO3’s community-driven GDPR initiative.
  • Other TYPO3 privacy features include: sophisticated configurable user access management, password hashes, anonymized IP addresses, and HTTPS/TL support

Data Privacy and GDPR Features of TYPO3

Fully Integrated E-commerce Platform and Peronsalization

Combine the best of both worlds: deliver an immersive shopping experience integrated with leading e-commerce systems.

E-commerce solutions and CMS integrations are labor-intensive and often incomplete, off-brand, or suffer from a poor user experience. 

Market your products, educate customers, and sell directly on your websites with a fully integrated e-commerce platform to get the best of both worlds.

  • Seamlessly integrate ERP, CRM or e-commerce platforms like Magento, Aimeos, and Oxid with TYPO3’s extensions and APIs. 
  • Attract qualified traffic and convert to sales with SEO tools, display ad management, and targeted content right alongside the shopping experience.
  • Nurture and maintain customers with immersive, personalized experiences that incorporate video, social, and other dynamic media.
  • Suggest relevant products and offers based on search terms and other visitor profile attributes and recommendation engines such as Prudsys.
  • Dynamically include targeted content in page content and forms.