Open Web Manifesto

As a member of the Open Website Alliance, the TYPO3 Association adheres to the Open Web Manifesto.

The following is a declaration of this Alliance’s commitment to the open web and our belief in its power as a digital public good.

The open web is more than a technology—it is a cause.

It is built on freedom: You don’t need permission to learn, build, or advance open web technology. Anyone, anywhere can contribute to making it better.

It is defined by decentralization: No single person or entity controls the open web.

It thrives on inclusion: Everyone in the world, regardless of background, identity, ability, wealth, or status, has a home on the open web as a user, creator, architect, and innovator.

It requires participation: The open web is a shared resource and a shared responsibility, sustained by deliberate choice and collaborative effort.

It exists for empowerment: The open web is fueled by humanity’s collective quest for information, connection, and progress—and strengthened by every individual’s right to choice, privacy, and security.

To live up to that definition, an open web must not be built on proprietary technology.

  • It must be designed to protect—not exploit—personal data and public discourse.
  • It must enable the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to compete effectively.
  • It must be resilient to a changing world and not controlled by a select few.

The open web must be more than an ideal or a set of principles: to achieve its full potential as a global, digital public good, the open web must prove that it is a better web.

That means embodying the limitless innovation that can only come from collaboration; integrating with the best technology available; and earning people’s trust.

Our community and our users create the code, solve the problems, and form the bonds that sustain it.

  • Our creativity enables flexible, seamless digital experiences for creators and users alike.
  • Our diversity unlocks solutions and new opportunities for innovation.
  • Our integrity ensures independence and inclusion for all.

Every level of our community is both a beneficiary of the open web and a participant in building it:

  • The individuals, governments, educational institutions, nonprofits, and enterprises that rely on our software.
  • The makers who contribute to and volunteer their time and energy to create and sustain it.
  • The people who use our software every day—even if they don’t realize it.

Together, we’re shaping the foundation for how the digital world operates, and how future generations will live, work, connect, and express themselves.

As long as our software exists, that foundation will be an open web that is open source, open access, and always open to improvement.

Credit:This manifesto is based on the Drupal Association’s original Open Web Manifesto.