The TYPO3 Community Values

Trust, respect, openness and sharing.

Since the beginning, TYPO3 has been more than just a piece of software. It is a community. Our values are there to guide our work and make sure the community is a great place for everyone.

Trust and Respect

Trust and respect each person and the work the person does. Remember to give the trust and respect you expect to have from others. To be trusted and respected you need of course to be reliable. The concept of trust, respect, and reliability are not valid only for the people involved in the community, but are extended to the products as well. By being a reliable member and by doing a reliable and respected work, the outcome should automatically translate into great products that everyone can trust.


The TYPO3 Community defines itself as an inclusive one. With the wish of being open and not exclusive, the community wants to avoid barriers of any type. The openness that characterizes the community is directed to people and their backgrounds, to opinions within the community and outside, to the outside world, to other teams or groups, and to the market and its changes. Openness relates also to communication. Remember that an open communication fosters the community's growth and health, in an environment where everyone can know what's happening and what will happen.


An Open Source environment is characterized by collaboration. The TYPO3 world imagines collaboration as the sharing of knowledge, work, and support within teams and between teams, among people, and to the outside world. Sharing is improving and collaboration enhances the efficient use of resources, knowledge, and ideas. Whenever possible, work with others and support them, work transparently, and ask when in doubt: the others will share too.

Friendship and Fun

The TYPO3 Community believes in a fun environment characterized by friendship bonds. Within the TYPO3 world each person has the possibility to meet inspiring people, build relationships, and share great experiences with others.


Remember that values finally translate into action. Remind yourself and others that we share the same values!