The TYPO3 Core uses many parts of the Symfony PHP framework, so going there is a great way to learn, meet, exchange ideas, and discuss solutions for our CMS. SymfonyCon’s tagline is: “Share your best practices, experience and knowledge with Symfony.”

Susanne Moog, secretary of the TYPO3 Association Board and experienced TYPO3 Core developer, will attend the conference together with TYPO3 GmbH CTO Frank Nägler. We recommend Susanne's talk on Using Symfony/Messenger Standalone, Thursday, 7 December 2023, in the SensioLabs room.

Meet TYPO3

This non-TYPO3 event is an opportunity to meet one of our active community members. Check the You Can Meet section below to see who.

You Can Meet:

  • Susanne Moog
  • Frank Nägler

The TYPO3 User Group Austria (TUGA) finishes the year with the TUGA XMAS Meeting  in Vienna, Austria, 12 December. 

As usual, there will be presentations of around three topics. Get in touch if you want to talk about an interesting project, extension or tool.

Check Out Details and Registration Information

You Can Meet:

  • Georg Ringer

The time has come: Together with e-pixler GmbH, the TYPO3 GmbH is officially launching the TYPO3 Solution Partner Roundtables!
The following topics will be discussed during this roundtable:

  • What's currently happening in TYPO3?
  • Event planning 2024
  • Stories & marketing measures 2024

After the three-hour roundtable, the event will continue with a get-together.

Please note: This in a exclusive event for TYPO3 Solution Partners.

Every 15th of a month, the TYPO3 remote days are taking place. Members of the TYPO3 teams met online and collaborate. 

You’re Invited: Join Our Second Remote Sprint!

The second Best Practices Team remote sprint is happening on 15 December 2023. We'll meet on Slack for a day of general housework and working through our backlog. While we may not complete all our goals, this sprint is an excellent opportunity to learn and collaborate. If you are a newcomer to TYPO3 development, come along to gain insights into teamwork, GitHub, bug resolution, and automated testing.


The sprint will take place on 15 December 2023. We’ll kick off at 11:00 (CET) and we plan to finish at 17:00 (CET).


The sprint is fully remote. We’ll meet in the TYPO3 Slack channel, #best-practice-team. Come prepared with your favorite IDE, have the EXT:tea extension installed and running, and make sure you’re familiar with the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines.


Łukasz will host the sprint. We’ll start with a quick check-in of participants, make sure everyone is set for success, then we’ll distribute the tasks among the attendees. If you’re a newcomer, there will be people to support you and answer questions.

We plan to work on these topics in the following order:

  2. Cleanup
  3. Make the extension conform to the best practices
  4. Implement changes related to docs

We probably won't complete all the goals, so the remaining tasks will be carried over to future work and sprints.

Your Benefits

Whether you are an experienced TYPO3 developer, or new to the CMS, there is always something to learn. Come along to this sprint and get real-world experience working with focus inside a team on an open published extension.

Participants of this sprint will learn-by-doing, in particular:

  • Using GitHub as a Git hosting and CI platform.
  • How to catch and fix bugs, covered by tests.
  • Best practices for extension development.
  • Fast end-to-end tests via TYPO3 testing framework functional tests.

You Can Meet:

  • Łukasz Uznański

Winter Is Coming — T3BOARD Is Coming! Save The Date!

The Diamond of CMS Meets the Diamond of the Alps

The TYPO3 community will meet again in Obergurgl, Ötztal, Tyrol, Austria 13–20 January 2024 for the 23rd T3BOARD event. Be part of an inspiring week with people from our vibrant community, on the slopes during the day and in sessions about TYPO3 and IT in the evenings! 

T3BOARD is the longest running event of the TYPO3 universe — the first one was held back in 2001 in Bad Gastein, Austria. 

Check Out the T3BOARD24 Website

Snowboard? sNOw Problem! 

You’re not a snowboarder? No problem! Skiers are welcome, and cross-country-skiers as well. Even if you do not like snow sports at all you'll find a decent amount of activities you could do in Ötztal during the day. There are always some people not visiting the slopes for a day. Whether you stay at THE MOSS or the Chalet Obergurgl next door, you might choose to visit the hotel spa area, go for a swim in the indoor pool or enjoy some time at the hotel bar with friends from the TYPO3 community.

Ötztal is a great playground and offers fun and adventure. Visit the famous Topmountain Crosspoint motorcycle museum right near the slopes, practice your best James Bond in Sölden, or chill out at the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld.

Visit the event website to find out more about the region, the accommodation options, and activities you could do! 

Knowledge Sharing At T3BOARD: Sessions and Topics

The T3BOARD event is more than skiing, boarding, and fun in the snow. An important aspect is sharing and creating knowledge. We try to hold two sessions during the day and one in the evening, covering TYPO3 topics as well as general IT topics such as AI, product strategy and GreenIT. 

Check out the talks from the previous event: T3BOARD23 Sessions 

This time we need YOU too! Got something to share with your community members? Let us know and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Be Part of History

Register now and book your place to join one of the oldest (READ: The. Oldest.) event of the TYPO3 universe.

Date: Saturday 13 January to Saturday 20 January 2024

Register for T3BOARD24

Thanks To Our Sponsors

As a community event, we rely heavily on our sponsors. A big thanks goes out to our t-shirt sponsor, in2code.

Sponsorship opportunities are available! Help make our event successful with a budget contribution. Sponsors get listed on our Sponsors page with logo and backlink, and get the opportunity to be featured on our event t-shirt.

Sponsor T3BOARD24

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels, Belgium.

TYPO3 is teaming up with our friends at Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, as the Open Website Alliance, for a full-day track on Designing Futures of FOSS Content Management. On Sunday 4th February, this devroom will be filled with talks and opportunities to discuss, learn, and work on issues that affect FOSS CMS projects, from policy to development, security, and beyond.

FOSS CMS Dev Room Call for Proposals

Mathias Bolt Lesniak, member of the TYPO3 Association Board will attend both days and contribute to the keynote and other aspects of the Open Website Alliance day. Daniel Siepmann, leader of the TYPO3 Best Practices Team, will also attend both days, representing TYPO3 in the CMS Garden.

Meet TYPO3

This non-TYPO3 event is an opportunity to meet one of our active community members. Check the You Can Meet section below to see who.

You Can Meet:

  • Mathias Bolt Lesniak
  • Daniel Siepmann

The TYPO3 Marketing Team invites you a sprint 6–7 February 2024. The sprint is in-person at the TYPO3 Company offices in Düsseldorf, Germany. We're not only looking for marketers, but also sales people with experience from the field, with the potential customer.

  • Day 1: Planning and creating sales-support materials. Everything you need to complete a sale, except your business logo. Presentations, fact sheets, stories, and more.
  • Day 2: Planning marketing around TYPO3 v13. The new long-term support (LTS) version is planned for October, 2024. We'll work on planning the marketing surrounding the new version.

Are you coming? Fill in the registration form.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the TYPO3 Association's Travel Expense and Reimbursement Regulations. Lodging will be booked by the organizers.

You Can Meet:

  • Mathias Bolt Lesniak
  • Luisa Faßbender
  • Luana Valentini
  • Florian Froidevaux

PHP UK Conference bills itself as “The largest dedicated PHP event in Europe” and promises “an event packed with up-to-date content about PHP development and related technologies in a comfortable and professional setting”. It is the 18th time this conference takes place, and the organizers expect more than 400 delegates.

Our content management system is based on the PHP programming language. Attending this event is a chance to tell about TYPO3, learn more about the future of PHP, and to engage with people from the large community of PHP-based software projects.

TYPO3 is one of the conference's official sponsors. We encourage you to visit our exhibition booth, where TYPO3 Association Board member Mathias Bolt Lesniak and TYPO3 Company employee Tom Warwick will be happy to tell you more about our amazing community and enterprise CMS.

Meet TYPO3

This non-TYPO3 event is an opportunity to meet one of our active community members. Check the You Can Meet section below to see who.

You Can Meet:

  • Mathias Bolt Lesniak
  • Tom Warwick

Web Camp Venlo is celebrating the 9th edition of this international camp. This camp is an open event for cutting edge developments around Open Source CMS, PHP, project management, SEO and TYPO3. As last years, Camp Venlo will not be two but three days this year.

Tech Workshops

We kick off camp with a day full of knowledge. On Thursday, 29 February we have four workshops for passionate developers like you regarding development and TYPO3.

Eleven Great Talks

It’s community day on Friday, 1 March. We have eleven great talks covering subjects from updates around TYPO3, project management, etc.

See the Full Program

Bar Camp

Have not had enough? Do you want to gain more knowledge? Or do you think that specific topic deserve special attention? On Saturday there is always our barcamp, where you compose the program yourself. Last years we had over 10 talks about TYPO3, community, CSS, etc.

Sign Up

Is there no doubt in your mind, you must attend Camp Venlo 2024?

Sign Up Now

See you in Venlo on 29 February–2 March 2024.

You Can Meet:

  • Edward Lenssen
  • Oliver Klee

In many places, there is currently a mixture of "uncertainty in dealing with the framework conditions" and "no time in everyday life to tackle the change in a structured way". So that every agency doesn't have to build its own solutions, we thought: Let's tackle this together.

Let's do a workshop together on what AI means for us in everyday agency life. Internally and externally.

  • What does AI change in my agency?
  • How can I familiarise my colleagues and staff with the new systems?
  • What use cases already exist at the client and where do we see upselling potential?
  • What solutions already exist in the TYPO3 universe and what can we develop together?

We look forward to an afternoon together at the TYPO3 headquarters in Düsseldorf. 

Register here!

You Can Meet:

  • Daniel Fau
  • Luisa Faßbender

Keep checking in at the TYPO3Camp Mitteldeutschland website for more information.

FrOSCon, Free and Open Source Software Conference, is an annual event organized by the computer science department of the German University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, supported by FrOSCon e.V. The conference promises “an exciting program with talks and workshops for visitors of all ages”, as well as company and project booths. The event has no entry fee and no requirement to register upfront.

TYPO3, itself a free and open source software product and community, sees FrOSCon as a great opportunity to learn and expand our horizons, and connect with our own and likeminded communities.

Daniel Siepmann, leader of the TYPO3 Best Practices Team, will attend both days, representing TYPO3 in the CMS Garden.

Meet TYPO3

This non-TYPO3 event is an opportunity to meet one of our active community members. Check the You Can Meet section below to see who.

You Can Meet:

  • Daniel Siepmann