The Board of the TYPO3 Association

The takes care of the daily operations of the TYPO3 Association.

The Board has eight members, elected by the Members of the TYPO3 Association. The Board constitutes itself, meaning that the elected members distribute the roles among themselves once a year, following the election and general assembly.


Olivier Dobberkau



Elected until 2021.

The Chairman is responsible for:

  • Representation of the TYPO3 project and the TYPO3 Association through public appearances and keynotes at the TYPO3 Association‘s events.
  • Invitation of new Board members on behalf of the Board.
  • Chairs the TYPO3 Association's General Assembly.
  • Organizes and chairs board meetings.
  • Is overall responsible for the TYPO3 Association website and controls it's content for factual errors, outdated and omitted information.
  • Ensures correct and current flow of information for the members and the general public through the website with the help of the other board members.
  • Supervises the TYPO3 Association's activities within the scope of resolutions that are passed by either the general meeting of members or the managing Board.
  • Signs on behalf of the Association in a legally binding way, together with the Secretary or Treasurer. The Vice-Chairman takes over his/her function, if he/she is hindered from executing it. He/she or the Vice-Chairman can sign individually, within the scope of both his/her and the Vice-Chairman's activity.

Estimated weekly time consumption: 4-6 hours.

Ric van Westhreenen



Elected until 2020.

The Vice-President is responsible for:

  • The take over of the Chairman's functions if he/she is unavailable for any reason and vice versa.
  • The coordination between the Board and the EAB and BCC.
  • Organisation of internal meetings and the General Assembly.
  • The frontpage and the "How it works"-Section of the TYPO3 Association website.
  • A good coordination of Chairman and Vice-Chairman and should participate in all concerns of the Chairman.

Association Estimated weekly time consumption: 4-6 hours*.

Alain Veuve



Elected until 2020.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • The communication with the Revisor.
  • Payment of invoices.
  • Invoicing on behalf of the TYPO3 Association.
  • Monthly reports to the Board including at least the assets and debits, funds assigned to projects, expenditure per project.
  • The "Join Now"-Section of the TYPO3 Association website including the membership directory and all process pages for membership registration and renewal.
  • Donate Page at

Estimated weekly time consumption: 4 hours.

Stefan Busemann



Elected until 2021.

The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Preparing and publishing agendas and protocols of all meetings of the Board and the combined meetings with the EAB and BCC.
  • Preparing the General Assembly and the combined Board and EAB meetings.
  • Agendas and protocols for all meetings of the Board and the combined meetings with the Steering Committee.
  • Procedure all online votings / pollings.
  • Answer Mails of t3a-boardlist.
  • Resonsible for
  • Publication of annual reports on the TYPO3 Association website.

Estimated weekly time consumption: 4 hours.

Petra Hasenau

Board Member


Elected until 2021

Boris Hinzer

Board Member


Elected until 2020

Peter Kraume

Board Member


Elected until 2021.

Peter is responsible for: 

  • Monitoring and answering all incoming inquiries as a "first line of response".
  • Forwarding inquiries commented and with information for the inquirer to a person he/she deems fit to answer the inquiry the best.
  • Monitoring the response and keeping records regarding problems with response quality and speed.
  • The "contact" pages of the TYPO3 Association website.

In practice this responsibility is handled by means of a trouble ticket system. Furthermore, other tasks of the Second Assessor are:

  • Validation and approval of consultancy applications to get listed on website.
  • Responsibiltiy for updating the AdminC on a regular base for all domains.
  • Handling and archiving of incoming Contributor License Agreements.

Mathias Bolt Lesniak

Board Member


Mathias is responsible for:

Quarterly and Annual Reports to the members. This includes the collection of input from all TYPO3 Association committee and team leaders, writing the report, proof reading and publication on the TYPO3 Association website.

In practice this responsibility includes the collection of input from all Association committee and team leaders, write the report, care for the proof reading, publish it on the Association website, write a mail to the association members and a news on

  • Press releases accompanying the TYPO3 Association‘s events.
  • Press releases accompanying the major releases of TYPO3.

Elected until 2020