TYPO3 Communication OKRs 2022/2023

The TYPO3 Association Board has started a project where we use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to define measurable goals and track their outcomes. This is a way to clearly define how to communicate the value of TYPO3 and increase adoption and contribution.

  • Objectives are what you want to achieve, the goals and intentions. 

  • Key results are time-bound, measurable milestones on the way to reaching the objective. 

See the Communication OKRs 

TYPO3 Communication OKRs for 2022/2023

The Communication OKRs start with the broader, organizational goals. For each goal there are several communication objectives that will help us reach it.

Goal: #1 Communicating the value of the TYPO3 project, products, and community.

  • To communicate the value of TYPO3 v11
  • To communicate the value of the project & community outside the existing community
  • To increase community revenue of Project Services: ELTS, PSL, Project Reviews, SLAs

Goal: #2 Increasing the adoption of TYPO3.

  • To improve the onboarding experience for all (personas) newcomers (devs, editors, marketers, agencies)
  • To expand TYPO3 internationally

Goal: #3 Increasing TYPO3 contribution and participation of all kinds.

  • To set the TYPO3 Contribution Strategy
  • To increase member participation across the community
  • To increase Association Memberships

For each objective, we have defined various key results that help us track and measure success. Dive deeper and check out the key results for each objective in the Communication OKRs Spreadsheet.


The OKRs use a 12-month cycle. Our current OKRs run from April 2022 to April 2023, so that they start and end at each year’s General Assembly. We split the year into quarterly sprints and deadlines. 

Each OKR has a lead person responsible for it. Open Strategy Partners (OSP) are going to be our Scrum master. They will provide facilitation, deadline tracking, issue escalation, and resolution. At the first Board meeting of the month, OSP will give an update on our progress.

Help Us Meet Our Goals

Each OKR has a responsible person assigned. Please feel free to contact this lead person if you would like to contribute.

Join the #t3a-okr Slack Channel … and connect with the OKR lead.