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Slack is an instant messaging and team collaboration tool. It's our primary communication channel for team communication,  dicussions and real time announcements. Please use Stack Overflow for support questions.

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comment and discuss is a public commenting and discussion plattform. Comments of news articles at will be stored here. You can also create items and receive notificatons on replies.

This platform is meant for discussions and votings on strategic topics of greater impact for the TYPO3 Core Development.

documentate and collaborate is a powerful and versitale notepad for our community. You can work together at notes in real time (simular to Google Docs).

Older Channels: There are older communication channels, such as news groups and mailing lists. They can also be reached via web frontends. All channels are syncronized bidirectionally. These channels have seen a decrease in traffic since the introduction of the Slack chat and will be replaced by