typo3.org - E-Mail Addresses

Since the community is growing, we needed to have a written ruleset on how to use a personal @typo3.org address for communication to the outside. The rules as described below were voted on and accepted unisonous during the board meeting on October 11th 2010.

Naming ruleset for new personal typo3.org mail addresses

  • Instead of "firstname@typo3.org" or "nickname@typo3.org" new personal addresses will always be built as "firstname.lastname@typo3.org". This will avoid conflicts where multiple persons share the same firstname (sharing the mail address doesn't seem a clever solution).
  • All existing address owners will get a "firstname.lastname@typo3.org" address, too. Their existing "firstname@typo3.org" or "nickname@typo3.org" address can be used further on, the new "firstname.lastname@typo3.org" will be redirected to the existing one. It's up to the owner, which one is used for communication to the outside.
  • In the case that a second person with exactly the same name requires an address, a solution must be thought out that fits best for the situation.

Rules for getting a new address 

Basically erveryone that is officially in charge of an official job within the TYPO3 universe should be allowed to get a personal mail address @typo3.org, this includes 

  • TYPO3 Association Board Members 
  • TYPO3 Association Business Control Committee (BCC) Members
  • Core Developers
  • TYPO3 Association Committee members
  • TYPO3 'official' teams (e.g. design team, server team etc.)

Mailserver settings

Thanks to the email autodiscover mechanism, common clients should pick up their settings by providing just username and password. If you have to configure your account manually, use the settings below:

  • Username: your full email address (firstname.lastname@typo3.org)
  • Incoming server: IMAP, host mail.typo3.org, SSL port 993
  • Outgoing server: SMTP (with authentication), host mail.typo3.org, SSL port 465
  • Webmail: https://mail.typo3.org/SOGo/
  • Configuration: https://mail.typo3.org/





IMAP (secure)


POP3 (seure)


SMTP (secure)



To redirect @typo3.org mails to another address, log into webmail and create a forwarding (Preferences > Mail > Forward).

Rules for using the typo3.org mail address


  • Use it for all community related communications (mailinglists, newsgroups, events, committees).
  • Use it for all T3A-official communications (e.g. with suppliers, partners, members).
  • Use a proper signature, stating your position "within" the TYPO3 universe (see below).


  • Don't use it for your business contacts (use your company-mail instead).
  • Don't use it to be recognized as a T3A-official if you're not.
  • Don't mix up with your business.

Revocation of a personal address 

If the above rules are not followed by the owner of a personal address, the Board of the TYPO3 Association can revoke the permission on such an address.

Before a personal address can be revoked, the owner has to be warned clearly in written form (CC to board list). If the situation doesn't change within reasonable time, the address can then be deleted.

Signature templates

Standard signature 

Typus Bughunter
Member of the TYPO3 CMS Team
TYPO3 .... inspiring people to share!
Get involved: typo3.org

If on behalf of the T3A

Olivier Dobberkau
President of the TYPO3 Association,
TYPO3 Association,
Gewerbestraße 10
CH-4450 Sissach