Massive Multisite and Multilingual

With TYPO3’s superior language and site management, every installation can support an effectively unlimited number of websites and languages. Reaching global audiences and managing sites and workflow in many languages is essential for today’s global, digital businesses, but a challenge in many content management systems. TYPO3’s powerful and intuitive multisite features support large international web projects with translation workflows and multilingual content structures. Integrate with translation management systems and manage separate translation workflows for each language.


Manage any number of websites within a single installation.

In many popular content management systems, serving many websites and domains will create chaotic and inefficient installations.

TYPO3 offers efficient tools for managing multiple websites and domains in one place and versatile options for sharing content and configuration between them.

  • Manage multi-site installations efficiently. TYPO3’s page tree structure, data model, and granular user access permissions ensure high-performance multi-site installations. 
  • Use a single login to manage all your websites.
  • Easily configure editor roles across multiple websites.
  • Well-suited for large corporations where product names, palettes, and legal requirements vary from country to country.
  • Central content and brand strategy administration and control. 


Create and maintain multilingual websites with minimal effort.

Reaching your target customers in a multitude of languages is more than most CMSes can deliver.

TYPO3 offers excellent tools for creating and maintaining multilingual websites and has been built on state-of-the-art technology with international audiences in mind.

  • Manage any number of languages within a single TYPO3 installation.

  • Painlessly edit and translate website content with TYPO3’s intuitive user interface. Support non-Latin character sets—Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.—and fonts and varied writing directions, for example when quoting in Hebrew (right-to-left) within an English (left-to-right) text.

  • Easily differentiate editor roles by languages and arbitrary rule-sets like regional pages, or corporate divisions.

  • Maintain consistency while localizing content independently across international teams.

  • Integrate with a variety of translation services, such as LanguageWire.

  • TYPO3 supports content translation by default. No need to install third-party language support.

  • Automatically mark translated content for review and notify translators when the original text changes. 

Multilingual Features of TYPO3