Translated Pages

Introduced in version 9.0

When it comes to language handling, one of the biggest obstacles in TYPO3 was the way page translations were handled. This has been improved in TYPO3 v9 by having page translations handled the same way as other records.

From a technical point of view, this means, the database table “pages_language_overlay” became irrelevant and is not required anymore, as all data is stored in the main “pages” table.


New Translation Server

Introduced in version 10.3

TYPO3 is famous for its multilingual backend: there are not many content management systems on the market that allow users to work in the administrator area in their native language, no matter which language this is — as long as a translation exists.

After a long history with Pootle, TYPO3 now uses Crowdin to take translations to the next level. Georg Ringer, who leads the localization initiative, gave us an insight into the concept and the idea behind the initiative last year (see his article “Better Multilingual Support”). The SaaS solution Crowdin is now used as the localization/translation management platform for TYPO3 v10 by default, and you can do more than just translating the languages for the TYPO3 backend. The solution can also be used to translate labels of TYPO3 extensions, yourextensions!

As TYPO3 v9 LTS will be supported until October 2021 at least, this feature is optionally available since TYPO3 version 9.5.14 as a feature toggle.

See the documentation for further details.