Content Types Team

This team originated from the Structured Content Initiative.

The main goal of this team is to build better, native support for custom, semantically structured content element types for TYPO3.

The focus for us is always:
Do not look at the current implementation and limitation, but rather find the best user experience first, then look at technologies!


  • We want to create a better experience for editors to work with content types in a more intuitive way.
  • We want  integrators to build such content types easily, semantically correct and flexible /re-usable. These content types are not bound to layouts, templates, or technologies like FlexForms.


During our analysis of what we understand as structured content, our expectations of the initiative and taking a look into other CMS, we recognized that this topic is very complex. To achieve results more quickly and parallelize the process, we identified main focus areas which should be covered in separate working groups. The topic of editing interface UX required changes that would go outside of our scope. Thus, the editing interface UX group became the TYPO3 UX Initiative. We continue focusing on following topics:

Content Blocks

Simplification of the creation and registration process for content blocks (content elements).
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Dynamic Grid

Simplificaton for creation of grids (rows and columns) in the page module without content nesting.
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André Kraus

Jonas Eberle

Nikita Hovratov

Manuel Schnabel

Filippos Karpouchtsis

Philipp Kuhlmay

Lidia Demin
Silent member (Support)

Rachel Foucard
UX Initiative bridge

Annett Jähnichen
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Paul Hansen
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Benni Mack
Product Team bridge

Oliver Hader
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