The TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee

The TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee (T3CEC) fosters the adoption of TYPO3 in the global market by supporting web developers all over the world in learning TYPO3 and becoming a part of the TYPO3 community. We also support the public and private sector in the adoption of sustainable and standardized web technology stacks.

Our mission goes beyond technology. By spreading the use of free and open-source software, we adhere to the sustainable development goals by creating financial independence, digital sovereignty, local jobs, and business opportunities for local companies.

Through the power of sharing and collaboration inherent in the TYPO3 community, we can enhance local and national digital transformation and innovation initiatives founded on cooperation, partnership, and continuous improvement.

Current Activities

The committee is active in the following areas:

  • Support countries and national technical communities to learn, adopt, and use TYPO3 CMS.
  • Support members of technical communities to learn TYPO3 CMS and access related job and business opportunities.
  • Foster international collaboration between open-source projects and communities, particularly in a development cooperation context.
  • Support the development of international and national standards, strategies, policies, methodologies, and guidelines for open-source technology adoption, emphasizing TYPO3 CMS as a sustainable, scalable, value-generating choice.

Success Highlights

Some highlights of the T3CEC so far:

  • Support the Government of Rwanda to develop and implement a national website standardization program for the government and public institutions, using national technical capacities.
  • Support web developers to learn TYPO3 through an international mentorship program with mentees from Chile, Rwanda, Benin, Cuba, Bosnia, and Zimbabwe.
  • Support governments in developing strategies for website standardization using open source, including activities in Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, Senegal, Papua New Guinea, and Angola.
  • Participating in and supporting conferences, such as the Transform Africa Summit, the Africa CMS Summit and e-Governance Conference.

Sustainable Development Goals

The T3CEC’s work supports the following of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:

Working with the Community Expansion Committee

The TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee is looking to expand our reach, impact, and capacity to support projects and communities. We welcome new volunteers. 

We are always interested in discussing and developing collaborations with potential partners and sponsors, private companies, or non-governmental organizations, active on a national or international level.

If you want to get involved, feel free to contact the committee leader, Daniel Homorodean.


Daniel Homorodean


Mathias Bolt Lesniak


Other Members

  • Tymoteusz Motylewski 
  • Alina Fleser
  • Sebastian Kreideweiss 
  • Philippe Fekete
  • Ariane Kreßner