The TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee

The TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee (T3CEC) was born with the goal to foster the embracing of TYPO3 by developers, agencies and clients all over the world. We strongly believe that the usage and adoption of TYPO3 brings benefits to the clients and outshines other CMS alternatives in terms of performance, security and support provided by the community. While TYPO3 has a global potential, it is not widely present and it is still unknown in many countries, especially in the developing world.

Expanding TYPO3 will bring substantial benefits to our community, bringing new people who can contribute and share knowhow, growing the number of agencies and programmers that work with TYPO3 and growing the market reach which will further generate more business opportunities for all TYPO3 providers.

We are aware that expanding TYPO3 on the global markets is a substantial effort, which requires committed people, proper resources, well defined and properly executed action plans. The T3CEC was established in order to support and provide a proper framework to this strategic effort.

Current Activities

The Community Expansion Committee is working on the following activities:

  • Setup of the Committee with a Charter for its Members
  • Regular Meetings with interessted parties, such as Association Members and Goverment Organisations
  • Traveling to Events and Meetings
  • Reporting on its insights to Stakeholders and Members
  • Requesting funds from the TYPO3 Association and other Development Partners

Reports on the Committees Activities will be posted here

  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020

Get in touch

The Committee is open to any interested TYPO3 Community member and under the Patronage of TYPO3 Association President Olivier Dobberkau.

If you want to get involved, feel free to contact daniel.homorodean(at)

Daniel Homorodean