TYPO3 Prominence at e-Governance Conference in Estonia

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Three people standing around a TYPO3-branded booth table.
At our booth at the e-Governance Conference, we emphasized how TYPO3 aligns with the principles of digital sovereignty. We talked with representatives from more than 30 different countries. Photo: Stefan Busemann
The 9th e-Governance Conference, held in Tallinn, Estonia, on 30–31 May, 2023 was a landmark event for global digital governance. TYPO3 had a prominent place as a leading content management system (CMS) in the context of digital sovereignty. We emphasized TYPO3’s ability to empower governments and organizations to maintain control over their digital infrastructures.

 Stefan Busemann and Daniel Homorodean attended the e-Governance Conference, in Tallinn, Estonia, on 30–31 May 2023, as part of the activities of the TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee and the Meet TYPO3 initiative. Stefan is the treasurer of the TYPO3 Association and Daniel leads the Expansion Committee. See upcoming Meet TYPO3 events.

Ensuring digital sovereignty has become a key concern for governments and organizations. Exercising control and autonomy over digital infrastructure, data, and services is a pressing issue where TYPO3 Association has stepped forward to showcase our CMS as a robust platform for achieving these goals. 

Empowering Governments and Organizations

At our booth at the e-Governance Conference, we emphasized how TYPO3 aligns with the principles of digital sovereignty. By utilizing TYPO3, governments and organizations can avoid vendor lock-in, maintain ownership of their data, and completely control their digital assets. TYPO3's open-source nature ensures transparency and fosters collaboration, allowing entities to adapt the platform to their specific needs without being dependent on a single proprietary solution.

Case Studies and Success Stories

We received a lot of positive feedback from the conference attendees. Our inspiring case studies and success stories from governments and organizations demonstrated TYPO3’s unique versatility in managing large-scale projects and streamlining administrative processes, while delivering user-centric experiences.

Collaborative Community and Future Developments

Participating in the e-Governance Conference also highlighted the strength of our community. Active contribution ensures TYPO3’s continuous improvement and is a central reason why we can speak about a product roadmap including enhanced security features, advanced integrations, and seamless interoperability with other e-governance solutions.

Talks With More Than 30 Countries

The e-Governance Conference was a remarkable platform for TYPO3, and we talked with representatives from more than 30 different countries. 

Governments and organizations around the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of maintaining control over their digital infrastructures, and TYPO3 emerges as the reliable and robust CMS that can empower them to achieve this goal.

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