Being TYPO3 at SymfonyCon Disneyland, Paris

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The TYPO3 Core uses many parts of the Symfony PHP framework, which also has great documentation. That’s why TYPO3 Documentation Team Co-Lead Lina Wolf went to Paris for this conference. Photo: Lina Wolf
Notes from a visit to Symfony Conference, Paris in November 2022.

When I first entered the great exhibition hall, differences struck me at once. As did the volume! 1300 people all talking at the same time really creates an impressive noise. I saw people from all over the world. Some spoke German, most did not.

When I mentioned TYPO3, one of the first questions I got was: “TYPO3? I thought they were only active in Germany.” I thought: “Nope. I am here and I want to prove the opposite.”

 Lina Wolf visited SymfonyCon at Disneyland in Paris, 17-18 November 2022, as part of the Meet TYPO3 initiative. Lina is Co-Leader of the TYPO3 Documentation Team. See upcoming Meet TYPO3 events.

Similarities and Differences

The keynote was similar to ours. The project leader and founder Fabien Potencier was greeted with cheers as if he was Kasper Skårhøj and Benni Mack rolled into one person.

Their quiet room was not as good as ours. Maybe the TYPO3 community should organize SymfonyCon’s quiet room at the next event? It would be a nice contribution. I missed puzzles, pictures to color in, and cozy corners. But most importantly, I missed a door to the room to make it quiet. It’s great to have a relaxing, quiet place at a conference to escape the hubbub.

Something I did really enjoy at SymfonyCon was the largest Lego project I have ever worked on! Everyone could build one or several squares out of Lego and they were stacked together to make a large Symfony conference sign

Symfony Docs

I, being the TYPO3 Documentation Team co-lead, was especially interested in meeting the Symfony Documentation Team. I had an inspiring conversation with Ryan Weaver, their Documentation Team Lead.

Free and Paid Documentation

I especially liked their combination of free and paid documentation content. On they offer a large number of high quality documentation videos. You can watch the first minutes of each video for free and then decide if you need to buy the video. 

The code-snippets and test questions and additional texts are available to everyone for free, financed by those who are willing to pay for high quality video content. It seems like a good concept to me.

“Coming from the Symfony documentation team, we wanted to add high-quality videos, but still make our work available to the entire community. We’ve been very lucky that the community supports us and we can then make the code and scripts free for everyone.”
—Ryan Weaver

Sharing Knowledge

Regarding the technology behind rendering and generating the documentation, it seems like both sides can learn from each other. We will definitely stay in contact.

“The world of documentors can be a lonely one! Being able to meet another team from a similar technology and compare strategies for code blocks, examples and maintenance is priceless.”
—Ryan Weaver

Tech Conferences - Great Opportunities to Learn

I attended several presentations at the conference of general interest. I heard a great talk about advanced Git tricks, one on general cyber security, and especially one about how attackers use social engineering to manipulate employees: “People don’t fall for these tricks because they are stupid but because they are human”.

I think that there is much that the Symfony project and TYPO3 can learn from each other!

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