The TYPO3 Server Administration Team

The TYPO3 Server Administration Team is responsible for management of lower-level services. Besides maintaining the server infrastructure of the TYPO3 project, the team is also in charge of administrating several central services and web sites. We see ourselves as a service provider towards the community and other teams, like the Core Teams or the Documentation Team.

Michael Stucki


The team currently consists of (in alphabetical order):

  • Andreas Beutel (mehrwert GmbH)
  • Andri Steiner (Ops One AG)
  • Bastian Bringenberg (Agentur Pottkinder GmbH)
  • Michael Stucki, Team Leader (Michael Stucki GmbH)
  • Stephan Großberndt (side by site GmbH & Co. KG)

Former team members: Ingmar Schlecht, Joern Bock, Sebastian Kurfürst, Susanne Moog, Christian Trabold, Peter Niederlag, Fabien Udriot, Patrick Oberdorf, Steffen Gebert

How to become a team member

We are open for new members! It doesn’t matter if you are more interested in administrating operating systems or some of the official web sites, but you shouldn't be afraid of devops basics (Configuration Management, Monitoring). Please get in touch with us, if you are interested to work with us!

Interested people can attend our regular online meetings and are also invited to team sprints. They can choose an introduction project to work on while we get to know each other... We take the liberty to wait for some time until we hand over the credentials for the complete infrastructure, so understand that this will not happen immediately.


We meet online every 2 weeks. Meeting reports will be published on our Forge team page.
You can also follow @TYPO3server on Twitter to receive updates from our team.

Our tasks

Being a central contact point

The email address admin(at) serves as the central point to get in contact with the persons in charge for administration of servers and web sites. In case we are not responsible, we will delegate your email to the persons in charge. We make use of OTRS as trouble ticket system for this job.

Server Administration

We use OpenVZ as virtualization infrastructure. In order to keep the servers and their virtual machines up-to-date and their configuration well documented, we make use of Opscode Chef as deployment and configuration management software. If you as a TYPO3 team, or as a single person, want to offer a service to the TYPO3 community, please get in touch with us to offer you some web space or an entire virtual machine.

Email Account Management

While the email infrastructure is sponsored by Ops One AG, we are in charge of creating new accounts for members of official TYPO3 teams. Members of such teams have the possibility to get a email address (according to the TYPO3 Association’s rules for email addresses).

The following Open Source projects are currently used by us: