TYPO3 Ombudsperson Group

A TYPO3 committee ensuring the wellbeing of everyone in the community through education about and enforcement of the Code of Conduct.

Read the Code of Conduct   Report a Violation

A Presumed Code of Conduct Violation: What to Do

In case of a presumed violation of the Code of Conduct, please contact the event staff or a TYPO3 Association ombudsperson. The ombudspersons can always be contacted at ombudsperson(at)typo3.org or through the report form.

All reports sent to the Ombudsperson Group are treated confidentially. You can contact us anonymously, but this will limit our ability to ask questions or request further information from you.

Constitution and Composition

The TYPO3 Association Board defines the tasks of the Ombudsperson Group and appoints its members. New members can nominate themselves or be nominated by the Ombudsperson Group. The members are encouraged to also be active in other groups in the community. A majority vote among the group's members can remove any single member from the group. Members of the group have the title TYPO3 Ombudsperson.

The Ombudsperson Group should:

  • Consist of at least three members.
  • Be represented with at least two genders.
  • Be represented with at least two mother tongues.

Purpose and Responsibilities

  • Keep the TYPO3 Code of Conduct up to date.
  • Ensure awareness and educate the community about the Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure that the Code of Conduct can be enforced (by an incident response team, for example an event team or present ombudspersons).
  • Ombudspersons can be part of the Code of Conduct awareness and response team for events.
  • Provide arbitration and mediation (and general help in conflict resolution) in cases where all conflict parties agree to this.
  • Continuously educate themselves so the team members can fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Regularly report the team activity publicly (while ensuring privacy).

The purpose and responsibilities of the Ombudsperson Group can be changed by the TYPO3 Association Board.


Mathias Bolt Lesniak


Rachel Foucard


Thomas Löffler