TYPO3 Slidedeck

Is giving presentations part of your daily work?

For sales pitches, for educational purposes, or for any other purposes? We have good news for you!

There’s one thing we’ve heard again and again at the annual Agency Meetup Days throughout Europe. Both TYPO3 agencies and freelancers have expressed the desire to have a ready-made presentation that can be used by all. Till now, everyone presenting TYPO3 to potential users has had to fix themselves up with what they need. 

We put our heads together and brainstormed ways we could respond to this request and what we could do to help. The first Idea was to complete a shiny presentation all done and dusted and ready to go. But we soon realized that there are far too many settings and objectives for this to be a good solution. 

This led to the idea of creating a series of slides that can be individually combined to form a presentation that perfectly meets specific needs: a TYPO3 slide deck.

No sooner said than done - well ... almost :-) - these slides have now been created and are ready for use. A huge thank you goes to Bianca, Olivier, Inge, and all of the others involved, for their time and effort in creating this deck.

The slides in the TYPO3 slide deck cover topics like:

  • What is TYPO3 CMS?
  • TYPO3 CMS - facts & figures
  • Current major versions
  • QA (Quality Assurance): Sprint Releases
  • TYPO3 Case Studies
  • Who’s who? (TYPO3 Association, Strategic goals of the TYPO3 Association, TYPO3 bodies, TYPO3 GmbH: profile and services)

The slides can be combined in whichever way best suits your needs and are jam-packed with information on TYPO3 CMS.

The TYPO3 slide deck is there for anyone to

  • use
  • change
  • rewrite
  • update
  • and keep alive

We would highly appreciate your feedback!

Use the slide deck and feel free to contact us if you encounter any stumbling blocks when using it, or if you find content missing. Become a catalyst and help in further developing this document. If you have any suggestions, comments, or maybe even new slides for us, then please send them either to Olivier or to marketing(at)typo3.org. We’ll certainly take all of your comments on this project into consideration for its further development!

We look forward to our tasks and the further joint venture. Thank you!

Fabian Stein

Leader of the TYPO3 Marketing Team