• The TYPO3 Guidebook is Available for Pre-Order

    Categories : Community , Association , TYPO3 CMS , Education & Certification
    Created by Felicity Brand
    We’re delighted to announce this book is now available for pre-order. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly back into The TYPO3 Association.
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  • Marketing Sprint—A vision for 2021

    Categories : Community , Marketing
    Created by heather mcnamee
    In our most recent marketing sprint, we opened up the discussion to think more broadly about what we want to achieve with the marketing team, what is in scope, and what the roadmap for 2021 will look like.
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  • Yellow tennis ball hovering over orange sand.

    Selling TYPO3—What Salespeople Told Us

    Categories : Community , Marketing
    Created by heather mcnamee
    Here’s what sixteen salespeople told us about selling TYPO3, and what we’re doing to make their jobs easier so TYPO3 stays competitive. The results of this survey validate work already underway to improve the editor experience and communications.
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  • Orange scaffolding on building.

    TYPO3 Market Insights With T3versions.com

    Categories : Community , Association , TYPO3 CMS , Marketing
    Created by Ronald Meeuwissen and Torben Hansen
    T3versions.com is a free online service that uses various fingerprinting technologies to identify whether a website is running TYPO3 and, if so, which major version it’s using. We collect data by performing mass scans of domain lists and by compiling user inputs to our website.
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  • TYPO3 v10 Certification Syllabuses

    Categories : Community , Education & Certification
    Created by Michael Schams
    Exciting news from the TYPO3 Education Committee: the updated syllabuses for all four TYPO3 certifications are out now. Integrators, developers, consultants, and editors can now use these documents to prepare for the upcoming TYPO3 v10 exams, which will become effective in 2021.
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  • TYPO3 Tech Summer banner. "One Day of Online Talks"

    Postcards from TechSummer 2020

    Categories : Community
    Created by Paul Hansen
    Here’s a round-up of impressions from attendees of TechSummer 2020.
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  • Mock screenshot of inline editing in the TYPO3 backend.

    Frontend Editing—Planning the Next Major Version

    Categories : Development , Community
    Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    After more than 50 releases, it is time to plan the next big step for Frontend Editing in TYPO3. A lot has happened, both in TYPO3 and in other CMSs. What will version 2.0 look like?
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  • Group of people standing outside, looking at the camera.

    TYPO3 in Every Country: The TYPO3 Mentorship Program

    Categories : Community , Association , TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Daniel Homorodean
    A learning opportunity for the global web development community is about to start. The first six TYPO3 students come from countries in Latin America and Africa.
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  • TYPO3 Joins CMS Experts Group

    Categories : Community , Association
    Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    For an open source community-driven project like our CMS, it is important to network and exchange ideas with the industry at large. That’s why the TYPO3 Association is joining CMS analysts, experts, and other vendors in Boye & Co’s CMS Experts Group.
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  • Accessibility Sprint 2020, 21–23 October, 2020

    TYPO3 for Everyone: Join the Remote Accessibility Sprint 2020

    Categories : Community , TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Elisabeth Zeilinger and Michael Telgkamp
    Making TYPO3 accessible is a mission to make the web a little bit better! You can help us with your development and UI/UX skills, accessibility know-how or your documentation or testing experience. The Accessibility Sprint will be an open remote sprint and everyone is welcome to join!
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