How to Get an Article Published on 

So, You Want to Publish an Article on

That really is great news! By providing a steady stream of content about the vibrant activity in the TYPO3 community, we help it grow stronger.

Your news makes a big difference. Reports from events help participants feel recognized for their contributions. News about TYPO3 development, especially from teams and initiatives, keeps everyone in the community in the loop. For newcomers, this steady stream also helps them see where the action is, and where they can get involved. 

What do you need to get started? All community members can submit content for publishing on You’ll need a account and a TYPO3 Slack account, and you're ready to start.

The TYPO3 Content Team manages a lot of the content on However, you don’t have to be a Content Team member to get published on If you like, you can certainly get involved

What Types of Submissions We Take

Wondering what kind of content you can submit? Some ideas:

  • Community event promotion and reports

  • Reports from teams and initiatives

  • News about TYPO3 development

  • How-to content like tutorials, reviews

  • Highlight community members in an interview

Submit content or an idea right now

How We Can Help

So you’ve got an idea for an article but not confident with writing in English on an international stage?

No problem. We have a diverse international community, and we want to make sure the barriers for participating in publishing content are as low as possible. So if you need help to translate and copy-edit your article, we still want to hear from. 

  • Writing - If you have an idea, we can help find someone to write it for you.

  • Translation - Bring us an article in any language and we’ll translate it. We also have translators to produce press releases in multiple languages.

  • Improving / Copyediting - Need some help to improve the readability of your article in English? 

  • Proofreading - A light pass on the English language grammar, spelling, and some error-checking.

How an Idea Becomes an Article on

Submit: To start, you’ll have to log in to to complete the content request form. Tell us about the content you want to submit, and what kind of support you need. Ideally, we’d like to use Google Docs for editing. If you can make it possible to view and comment on the Google Doc, then we can review it and delegate it. Then we’ll request edit access for those individuals or move the document into the shared directory for the TYPO3 Content Team. 

Delegate: This will log a ticket into the TYPO3 Association Content Jira Board. You don’t need access to the Jira board if you’re just submitting something, but if you’d like to get involved in the Content Team you’re welcome to join!

A member of the Content Team will find your ticket in there (we usually check on a Monday). We then delegate the task. This can take a week to complete, depending on the request and availability. We are aiming to shorten the time it takes to get something published. 

Escalate: If you have an urgent request, please come into the #t3a-content-group in Slack to tell us you have an urgent matter to publish ASAP. 

Promote: Your article will be shared on social media. And, if you like, the TYPO3 Association Newsletter.

Getting Your Content into the Next TYPO3 Association Newsletter

TYPO3 Association Newsletters get published bi-monthly, usually on the last Tuesday of that month. January, March, May, July, September, November. We try to get all the content prepared two weeks before publishing. That means, it should already be live and available two weeks before the last Tuesday of that month. 

Wait! You didn’t know about the TYPO3 Association Newsletter? That email is full of all the important community news and information we can find. If you don’t get a copy you should sign up as a Member of the TYPO3 Association. Individual community membership starts at €7.92 per year. 

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