The TYPO3 Association

Coordinates and funds the long-term development of TYPO3 CMS.

Our mission

The TYPO3 Association builds the groundwork for the TYPO3 project. We empower our community with infrastructure and guidance. Our decisions are long term oriented.

Our projects and activities

Funding for the TYPO3 project

The income from memberships, donations and events is essential to the TYPO3 project. We funnel approximately €650,000 back into core development and community projects every year. Anyone can apply for funding. Funding budgets are approved by the Expert Advisory Board once a year, following an open review process.

The TYPO3 Service Company

In 2016, the TYPO3 Association founded TYPO3 GmbH (colloquially “The TYPO3 Company”), a fully-owned service company providing support and services. The company will also facilitate the development of the CMS.

Support the TYPO3 project and become a member

Logo TYPO3 community membership


The No-Frills Membership

Membership should not be limited by personal economy or exchange rates. It should be the member’s engagement for the CMS that counts.

€ 0 once + € 7.92/ year

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Logo bronze membership


For Freelancers

The Bronze membership is the option for freelancers offering TYPO3 services to customers, or individuals using TYPO3 regularly.

€ 100 once + € 125 / year

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Small Businesses

The membership for small companies providing TYPO3 services or use TYPO3 as an end-user on a regular basis.

€ 500 once + € 1.000 / year

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TYPO3 Association gold membership

Gold member


Mid-sized companies providing TYPO3 services or using TYPO3 on a regular basis should consider the Gold Level membership.

€ 500 once + € 2.750/year

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Logo TYPO3 Platinum membership



Companies doing little else than TYPO3 services, or who have made great savings by choosing CMS with no license costs, should become Platinum members.

€ 500 once + € 12.500/year

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TYPO3 Association Academic memberships


Universities, Research Institutions, and Colleges

Special Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships are available for academic institutions at reduced prices. Membership also include voting rights in the Academic Committee and reduced rates on TYPO3 University Day tickets.

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TYPO3 Association Platinum Members

Platinum Members

Association News

  • Portraits of eight people.

    Who Does What in the Association Board, 2020?

    Categories : Association
    Check out the roles and responsibilities for the members of the TYPO3 Association Board in 2020.
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  • Tymoteusz Motylewski

    Mentoring Digital Transformation with TYPO3

    Categories : Community , Association
    Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    Tymoteusz Motylewski is a TYPO3 mentor. “It is very satisfying,” he says, and tells me the story of how he started out on the other side; being mentored by others in the TYPO3 community.
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  • Screenshot of 11 people in video chat.

    Recap from the First Online Marketing Sprint (Q2/2020)

    Categories : Community , Association , Marketing
    Created by Luana Valentini
    For the first time, on 26 and 27 May 2020, an entirely digital marketing sprint has been held. Due to continuing travel restrictions in Europe, the international gathering of TYPO3 enthusiasts met online to strategically advance the TYPO3 project from the perspective of the sales sector, PR experts, and content creators.
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