Budget Application

The New Budget Application Process

In 2023 we updated our budget application process:

  1. Ideas for projects are submitted every quarter.
  2. Association members give feedback on the ideas.
  3. The Board selects the best ideas, provides an approximate budget.
  4. The Board requests a formal budget application. People with similar ideas will be asked to collaborate on a single application.
  5. A budget is assigned to the project, providing the formal budget application meets the TYPO3 Associations Board's expectations.
  6. The Idea must be implented within three month.

What do we fund, what is not getting funded

The TYPO3 Association wants to support the TYPO3 project, TYPO3 CMS and it's community. We are happy about any ideas, which are working towards our goals and fit with our rules:

  • Budget Ideas must be aligned with our five goals
  • We don’t want to freelance people
  • Invested money, must create a value towards our members. project or product
  • Working time in a budget should not exeed 50%
  • Regular work / tasks should be done by the TYPO3 company
  • Development of Extensions is not the focus of TYPO3 Association

Do it Like Mike - a guide thru the budget application process

Mike is an open source enthusiast. He has seen the call for applications for next year's budget, and he would like to apply for funding for his project.

Mike sits down to write an attractive proposal.

Mike fills out the ideas Application Form.

The TYPO3 Association collects the Budget Applications for the TYPO3 Association Board. The TYPO3 Association Board is responsible for the budget process, and its members are elected by the TYPO3 Association.

The TYPO3 Association Board summarizes the budget applications. They get back to Mike with their questions and requests clarification on a couple of points.

The accepted Budget Applications are presented online. Anyone—even non-members—can ask questions in an online forum.

The members of the TYPO3 Association help prioritize the budgets in an online poll in November. The TYPO3 Association Board takes results into account.

The Board discusses and decides the final budget distribution in and after their budget meeting at the end of November.

If the budget is accepted, Mike fills in the Budget Application. It consists of a form and a spreadsheet. Both contain example information, and he takes care to remove it.

Mike emails his completed Budget Application to the TYPO3 Association at budget(at)typo3.org before 15th December. That is the deadline, and the Association discards all applications received after that date.

The final budget is published at the end of December. Mike's application has been approved!

Mike signs a budget agreement, and he receives information about budget administration and reporting from the TYPO3 Association Board.

The TYPO3 Association Board will contact Mike at regular intervals throughout the year, requesting status updates for his project. They will also be there to help solve issues along the way. 

Do it like Mike!

Of course, Mike is a fictitious character. He could be you, or anyone else.