Budget 2023

The budget of the TYPO3 Association is created yearly. During this process, the budget ideas are presented and discussed publicly. After this phase, the members of the TYPO3 Association are asked for their opinion in a poll. For 2023 the increase of memberships in the TYPO3 Association is the focus.

  • The Budget 2023 covers 750.000 €
  • The TYPO3 company will fund the Core Development and Marketing 500.000 €

TYPO3 Association is Strengthen the project

We are looking for ideas to increase the resources for our project, and this includes more members, more contributors, more funds, and more sustainability.

Budget Owners 2023

NumberBudget TitleBudget OwnerBoard (Accountable)BCC (Responsible)
6531TrademarksRic van WesthreenenBoris HinzerEdward Lenssen
6532LawyerStefan BusemannOlivier DobberkauEdward Lenssen
6533BackofficeStefan BusemannOlivier DobberkauEdward Lenssen
6534Data PrivacyStefan BusemannBoris HinzerEdward Lenssen
6539Association CompensationOlivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Boris Hinzer​​​​​​​Edward Lenssen
6547Membership in other organisationsPetra HasenauBoris Hinzer​​​​​​​Edward Lenssen
6563TYPO3 AccessibilityMichael TelgkampStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Edward Lenssen
6616Out Reach SprintsBenni MackStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Edward Lenssen
6650Education CommitteeMarc WillmannOlivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Edward Lenssen
4000TYPO3 CMSBenni MackStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
4018Strategy ProcessRic van WesthreenenStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
6521Exchange lostStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Olivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
6652Country Comittees (French, NL, AT)Olivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Boris Hinzer​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
6653Academic CommitteeMartina AlhswedeMathias Bolt LesniakIngo Schmitt
6655UX TeamRachel FoucardBoris Hinzer​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
6657TYPO3 Camp NantesRachel FoucardBoris Hinzer​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
6658Content TypesLidia DeminBoris Hinzer​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
4082Documentation Maintenance and ImprovementLina WolfStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Ingo Schmitt
4009TYPO3 Security TeamOliver HaderStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
4010TYPO3 Server TeamAndri SteinerStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
6510typo3.org MaintenanceThomas LöfflerStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
6530Financial revisionStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Boris Hinzer​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
6555Travel Bucket for PoolOlivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Stefan Busemann​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
6602Communications, PR & MediaMathias Bolt LesniakStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
6611Localization TeamPeter KraumeStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
6612best practicesDaniel SiepmannStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
6618Dialogue DayStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Boris Hinzer​​​​​​​Jochen Weiland
4109University DaysMartina AlhswedeMathias Bolt LesniakOliver Perle
6511Phone & PostageStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Olivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Oliver Perle
6515InsuranceStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Olivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Oliver Perle
6519Other administration expensesStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Olivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Oliver Perle
6520Transaction costsStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Olivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Oliver Perle
6552President's InitiativesOlivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Stefan Busemann​​​​​​​Oliver Perle
6553Expenses GA Peter KraumeStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Oliver Perle
6600Expenses MarketingStefan Busemann​​​​​​​Olivier Dobberkau​​​​​​​Oliver Perle
6643Community Expansion CommitteeDaniel HomorodeanBoris Hinzer​​​​​​​Oliver Perle