Budget 2022

The budget of the TYPO3 Association is created yearly. During this process, the budget ideas are presented and discussed publicly. After this phase, the members of the TYPO3 Association are asked for their opinion in a poll. For 2022 the increase of memberships in the TYPO3 Association is the focus.

  • The Budget 2022 covers 626.795,00 €
  • 496.495 € are planned for administration, infrastructure and community teams
  • 130.300 € will be invested into budget ideas of the community which cover this year's focus
  • The TYPO3 company will fund the Core Development and Marketing ~350.000 €

Granted Budget for 2022

Administrative, Infrastructure, Community Teams

Budget TitleBudget OwnerResponsible BoardResponsible BCCBudget 2022
4000TYPO3 GmbH - Base OperationsMathias SchreiberStefan BusemannDaniel Fau12.000 €
4009TYPO3 Security TeamOliver HaderStefan BusemannJochen Weiland46.000 €
4010TYPO3 Server TeamAndri SteinerStefan BusemannJochen Weiland52.940 €
4018Strategy Process (Workshop)Olivier DobberkauStefan BusemannIngo Schmitt30.000 €
4082Documentation Maintenance and ImprovementMartin BlessStefan BusemannIngo Schmtt33.925 €
6510typo3.org MaintenanceThomas LöfflerStefan BusemannJochen Weiland46.250 €
6511Phone & Postagenone (Administrative)Stefan Busemannnone (Administrative)300 €
6515Insurancenone (Administrative)Stefan Busemannnone (Administrative)1.500 €
6519Other administration expensesnone (Administrative)Stefan Busemannnone (Administrative)700 €
6520Transaction costsnone (Administrative)Stefan Busemannnone (Administrative)5.500 €
6530Financial revisionStefan BusemannPeter Kraumenone (Administrative)5.000 €
6531Trademark, LawyerBoris HinzerStefan BusemannEdward Lenssen16.000 €
6533BackofficeStefan BusemannPeter Kraumenone (Administrative)42.000 €
6539Association CompensationOlivier DobberkauStefan Busemannnone (Administrative)69.600 €
6547Membership in other organisationsPetra HasenauStefan BusemannDaniel Fau3.000 €
6552President's InitiativesOlivier DobberkauStefan BusemannIngo Schmitt4.000 €
6553Expenses GA none (Administrative)Stefan Busemannnone (Administrative)300 €
6555Travel Bucket for PoolOlivier DobberkauStefan BusemannIngo Schmitt14.000 €
6563TYPO3 AccessibilityMichael TelgkampStefan BusemannDaniel Fau9.950 €
6568demo.typo3.orgBenni MackStefan BusemannIngo Schmitt9.145 €
6602Communications, PR & MediaMathias Bolt LesniakStefan BusemannJochen Weiland45.000 €
6609Update Outdated Screenshots in the Official DocumentationLina WolfStefan BusemannEdward Lenssen1.875 €
6650Education CommitteeMarc WillmannStefan BusemannDaniel Fau30.000 €
6652Country Comittees (French, NL, AT)Olivier DobberkauStefan BusemannEdward Lenssen2.000 €
6653Academic ComitteeMartina AhlswedeStefan BusemannIngo Schmitt5.500 €
6655UX TeamRachel FoucardStefan BusemannJochen Weiland10.010 €

Budget Ideas of the community

The list of the discussed budget ideas can be found at https://talk.typo3.org/c/t3a/budget-2022/31

Granted Budget ideas:

Budget TitleBudget OwnerResponsible BoardResponsible BCCBudget 2022
6642Increase TYPO3 Association memberships in the United States Paul HansenStefan Busemannnot definded yet4.950 €
6643Increasing TYPO3’s regional presence and availability Daniel HomorodeanStefan Busemannnot definded yet24.500 €
6645GDPR-Compliant Member-API Daniel FauStefan Busemannnot definded yet3.080 €