Budget ideas for 2021

The budget of the TYPO3 Association is created yearly. During this process, the budget ideas are presented and discussed publicly. After this phase, the members of the TYPO3 Association are asked for their opinion in a poll.

Timeline for the budget process:

  • Budget Idea Collection until 4 November 2020
  • Budget Poll for the members of the TYPO3 Association 23. November to 6. December 2020
  • Budget decision at the board meeting 10. December 2020
  • Budget Agreements will be send out in December and must  be returned before 31 December 2020

Members of the TYPO3 Assocation will receive an invitation to a poll, to ask for the opinion on the ideas. The poll will be open until 6th of December 9:00 CET.

Please review the budget ideas, which were submitted by various applicants. In each detail view you can ask your questions in the discussion area.

Budget Ideas Overview

We received many, many budget ideas and also ideas for product improvments. All budget ideas are listed below. Please review them and discuss them.

Ideas for product improvements will be handeled by the Core Development Team.

Idea TitleYour NameDiscuss at
Mask + Mask ExportEric Haakehttps://talk.typo3.org/t/mask-mask-export/3799/2
T3versions.com continued improvements and reportsRonald Meeuwissenhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/t3versions-com-continued-improvements-and-reports/3800/2
add images from unsplashKurt Dirnbauerhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/add-images-from-unsplash/3801/2
ONLINE EVENTAlmudenahttps://talk.typo3.org/t/online-event/3802/2
PAID MEDIA TYPO3 AWARENESS CAMPAIGNAlmudenahttps://talk.typo3.org/t/paid-media-typo3-awareness-campaign/3803/2
AGENCIES MEET UP DAYSAlmudena https://talk.typo3.org/t/agency-meet-up-days/3804/2
Form a documentation content teamSusi Mooghttps://talk.typo3.org/t/form-a-documentation-content-team/3805/2
Further development of my most important extensionsGeorg Ringerhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/further-development-of-my-most-important-extensions/3806/2
Translate TYPO3 using Crowdin IIGeorg Ringerhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/translate-typo3-using-crowdin-ii/3807/2
TYPO3 Student GrantOlivier Dobberkauhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/typo3-student-grant/3808
Microcopy and UI TextFelicity Brandhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/microcopy-and-ui-text/3809
Digital TYPO3 contribution workshopRichard Haeserhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/digital-typo3-contribution-workshop/3810
TYPO3 Promotion in NLRonald Meeuwissenhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/typo3-promotion-in-nl/3811
TYPO3 Agency Startup PackageRobert Lindh and Mathias Bolt Lesniakhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/typo3-agency-startup-package/3812
The (official) TYPO3 podcast 2021Jeffrey A. McGuirehttps://talk.typo3.org/t/the-official-typo3-podcast-2021/3813
TYPO3 Guidebook promotion, maintenance, extensionJeffrey A. McGuirehttps://talk.typo3.org/t/typo3-guidebook-promotion-maintenance-extension/3814
Communications consulting (ongoing)Jeffrey A. McGuirehttps://talk.typo3.org/t/communications-consulting-ongoing/3815
Automated a11y testMartin Kutschkerhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/automated-a11y-test/3816
Create Stockphotos for TYPO3Fabian Steinhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/create-stockphotos-for-typo3/3817
Improve Beginner Editor UI SprintsRobert Lindh and Mathias Bolt Lesniakhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/improve-beginner-editor-ui-sprints/3818
(Online) Core coding workshops - beyond the workflowSybille Petershttps://talk.typo3.org/t/online-core-coding-workshops-beyond-the-workflow/3821
Documentation should have a global search and good start pageTymoteusz Motylewskihttps://talk.typo3.org/t/documentation-should-have-a-global-search-and-good-start-page/3822
Editor's daySybille Petershttps://talk.typo3.org/t/editors-day/3823
Extension documentation contestSybille Petershttps://talk.typo3.org/t/extension-documentation-contest/3824
Provide QA Best Practices usable by CommunityDaniel Siepmannhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/provide-qa-best-practices-usable-by-community/3829
Update Outdated Screenshots in the Official DocumentationLina Wolfhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/update-outdated-screenshots-in-the-official-documentation/3830
Improve EXT:extension_builderAlexander Nitschehttps://talk.typo3.org/t/improve-ext-extension-builder/3831
Spanish TYPO3 Training siteCarlos Llanoshttps://talk.typo3.org/t/spanish-typo3-training-site/3832
iT3BC@Hof-University.deJürgen Heymhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/it3bc-hof-university-de-2021/3833
iT3BC@Hof-University.deJürgen Heymhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/provide-and-organize-a-bootcamp-platform-at-the-university-campus-for-international-and-national-students/3834
TYPO3 International Mentorship Program 2021Daniel Homorodeanhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/typo3-international-mentorship-program-2021/3835
TYPO3 International Meetup Days event seriesDaniel Homorodeanhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/typo3-international-meetup-days-event-series/3836
Direct business development for TYPO3 in the developing countries and emerging marketsDaniel Homorodeanhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/direct-business-development-for-typo3-in-the-developing-countries-and-emerging-markets/3837
English language-based intro video course for integratorsDaniel Homorodeanhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/english-language-based-intro-video-course-for-integrators/3838
Translation of TYPO3 in local languagesDaniel Homorodeanhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/translation-of-typo3-in-local-languages/3839
Adopt a TYPO3 rookieDaniel Homorodeanhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/adopt-a-typo3-rookie/3840
Continu Marketing efforts NL (in 2021 hopefully with real events)Jasper Verbunthttps://talk.typo3.org/t/continu-marketing-efforts-nl-in-2021-hopefully-with-real-events/3841
Micro CertificationsMarc Willmannhttps://talk.typo3.org/t/mirco-certifications/3842
Wiki MigrationSusi Mooghttps://talk.typo3.org/t/wiki-migration/3855 

Planned Budget for 2021

Innovation, Education and Events Pool

Budgeted amount: €310,000

The Board will make a final selection of a few strategic ideas taking into account various factors including the result of this poll. Selected ideas will be eligible for a budget application submission.

The budgets of Event Committee, Education Committee, Academic Committee will be granted by the Board like in the past.

Development Pool

Budgeted amount: €500,000 (€ 350.000 by the TYPO3 Association, € 150.000 by the TYPO3 company)

This pool is available for the TYPO3 core team to fund development and product marketing initiatives. It is managed on behalf of the core team by TYPO3 GmbH. Applications for funding need to be submitted to TYPO3 GmbH.

TYPO3 GmbH is responsible for the management of this budget via their own accountability structure. By making this budget pool available, the TYPO3 Association remains the largest single funder of the initiatives of the TYPO3 core team and thus contributes heavily to the further development of the TYPO3 CMS product.

Infrastructure Pool

Budgeted amount: €300,000

This pool is available for the TYPO3 Association board to fund operational and infrastructure work. It includes budget positions for contracts with vendors and regular service providers (e.g. data center for hosting, legal assistance), coverage of travel expenses and work time expenses for maintenance costs.

There is one combined budget application for this infrastructure pool: 

  • TYPO3 Security Team
  • TYPO3 Server Team
  • Documentation Team
  • typo3.org Maintenance
  • Membership in other organisations
  • President's Initiatives
  • Communications, PR & Media
  • regular open sprints
  • Travel Bucket for Pool

Travel Costs Pool

Budgeted amount: €40,000

This pool is available to cover general travel costs for the  TYPO3 Association and teams of the TYPO3 community.