How to Use Slack in the TYPO3 Community

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Slack logo
Slack simplifies communication and brings our global community together, creating a virtual shared workspace where conversations are documented and accessible.

It is a free software client that is available on many platforms.

Thanks to Slack, the TYPO3 community is able to:

  • Chat (via group chat or direct messaging)
  • Exchange files
  • Call and make presentations using video or audio
  • Get notified of updates via email when they are offline

What will I find in Slack?

A great environment for communicating with many different channels (groups). Here are some of the important channels for the TYPO3 community to get you started:

  • #announcements: the TYPO3 project announcement channel–you will automatically join this channel, but you cannot post there
  • #typo3-cms: TYPO3 CMS support channel
  • #typo3-cms-coredev: TYPO3 CMS core development channel
  • #random: have fun, share anything you like
  • #T3DD: TYPO3 Developer Days channel
  • #typo3-documentation: Documentation Team–if you have any questions or suggestions regarding documentation
  • #t3o-team:–if you are having trouble with or questions about your website

 ... and there are many more for you to discover!

You can also start one-to-one chats by starting a conversation with a single user.

Stick to the rules

When using Slack, we ask you to please stick to the TYPO3 community code of conduct.

N.B. If you have a support question, please ask it on Stack Overflow first. Slack is a very handy and fast tool for getting answers, but it is not a publicly available resource. To increase the visibility of TYPO3 and TYPO3 related questions on the web, please ask your support question on Stack Overflow and then paste it into Slack. Following your discussion please make sure the result (hopefully the right answer!) is added to Stack Overflow to help the wider community.

How do I sign up to the TYPO3 Community Slack?

Just visit and login (or register if you don’t have an account yet). You can use this link to create and connect your Slack account.

What if I already have a Slack account?

You can also connect your existing Slack account with your user profile and become part of the TYPO3 Slack community. Soon we will add a new feature where you can choose to display your Slack profile in your user profile–watch this space.