Guidelines for Newsarticles at

Foreword is a community driven website, to offer a homebase for our community. This place should be neutral and offer reliable and useful information. accepts articles about TYPO3 CMS, the TYPO3 community, web technologies, Best practices for web development and other open source-related topics. Your content must hold certain licenses to be publishable on the site.


1. Language

The main language of the TYPO3 community is English. Therefore all articles must be written in English. Translations of an article to additional languages can be offered by the author.

2. Audience

The readers of are technical and non-technical. Many are users of TYPO3 CMS and part of the TYPO3 community or interested in getting a part of it. They come from many different backgrounds and fields of study. We welcome all to learn more about TYPO3.

3. Images

Please take care that you use only license free images. Our recommendation is Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0. In any case, we need to know the source / author and concrete license type. This information has to be included in the metadata of this file. If you are depicting people within your pictures, you have to have the consent of depicted people.

4. Advertisements

Generally it is not permitted to place any advertisements in your article. The content should deliver technical information, best practices, release information, community news.

5. External Links

Links to external sites are permitted, if they create a concrete benefit for the reader. Links to companies are permitted as an acknowledgement for contribution to the product development or contribution to an official team.

Other cases may count as advertisement and are not permitted.

6. Follow the code conducts

Authors must respect the values of the TYPO3 community. Details see

7. Articles must respect trademarks, copyrights, and project names

The use of trademarks or other projects as the sole or initial term is prohibited unless proof of legal ownership/representation can be confirmed.

8. We reserve the right to update this guideline

Our intent is to enforce these guidelines with as much fairness as humanly possible. We do this to ensure overall content quality and the safety of their users. To that end, we reserve the following rights:

  • to update these guidelines at any time.
  • to disable or remove any article from the site, even for reasons not explicitly covered by the guidelines.
  • to make changes to an article, without the author's consent, in the interest of public safety.

In return, we promise to use those rights sparingly and with as much respect as possible for both visitors and authors.

Author: Stefan Busemann
Version: 1.0 / 11.02.2022