Structured Content Initiative—Feedback Wanted!

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We are running a UX Workflow Pilot Program, and invite all TYPO3 users to test the new Page Module with your version 11 projects. This pilot will allow us to test the UX workflow, and collect your feedback before integrating changes into the Core.

The Structured Content Initiative is the core Strategic Initiative focused on improving the content editing user experience in TYPO3 CMS. Read our last update to learn more about what we’ve been working on. 

Connect to TYPO3 Slack and join us in the #cig-ux channel to discuss the pilot.

The New TYPO3 UX Initiative

The work we started in the UX group of the Structured Content Initiative developed beyond the original scope of the initiative. Therefore, a new TYPO3 UX Initiative was launched on September 15, 2021.

The TYPO3 UX Initiative will address important UX topics and issues in the backend interface. In order to achieve this transformation, we first need to establish a user testing and feedback workflow. The purpose of this pilot is to test our proposed UX feedback workflow. 

Stay tuned! A more detailed article about this team will be published soon.

Updates to The Page Module

As outlined in our last update, we have been working on several topics over the past few months:

  • A simplified page module
  • A new wizard for adding content to pages
  • A dynamic grid system

We have been working on patches for the first two topics, and you can view a demo video of these patches in action.

We Need User Feedback

We recognise that making any changes to the TYPO3 user interface can have significant impact. The Page Module has existed since the origin of the CMS, and is without a doubt the central module used by editors. It is quite complicated to help the Page Module evolve without touching concepts used in other parts of the backed user interface. It’s clear that we cannot implement interface changes without going through a serious user testing workflow.

Participate in the Pilot to Test Our UX Workflow

This pilot will allow us to trial a UX feedback workflow. An established, reliable workflow is important so that we can run future changes through the process and gather user feedback to validate UI changes before integrating them into TYPO3 Core.

Use The New Page Module

We invite you to experience the new Page Module. Test it right now for your TYPO3 V11 projects. 

The principle is simple. We have created a composer package “Pilot” for this:

  1. Follow the instructions and your backend will be transformed
  2. If you don’t like it—just remove the package and you will be back to normal!
  3. Send us your feedback.

How To Send Your User Feedback

We’d really like your feedback. To help us detect any UX or technical issues, and to improve the concept with your real user’s experiences, you can use different channels to contact us:

What’s Next for the Structured Content Initiative?

Well, there is still a lot of work to do!

For the Dynamic Grid we decided to implement it as an extension first, to evaluate the proof of concept - just like we did for the content blocks. You can view the current state in our repository and are very welcome to contribute! The minimum requirement for the Dynamic Grid will be TYPO3 version 11. We are doing our best to plan a first release for the end of the year.

For the Content Block creation, the next steps that are listed in the roadmap include for example to refactor data storage methods and move away from Flexform.

The Structured Content Initiative team. 

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