Content Blocks on the Road Towards TYPO3 v13 — Report Q1/2024

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Content Blocks are on the way to integrating with TYPO3 v13 and mark a significant milestone on the development journey.

Content Blocks — Say Hello to a Ton of New Features

Many last-minute features made it in. Now the focus will shift to TYPO3 version 13. We’ll pause development of additional features for now, but of course, bug fixes will be provided if needed. Now, let’s look at the what’s changed in the content blocks v12 extension!

Version 0.7 introduces several features and optimizations:

  • JSON Schema Definition: Developers can now utilize a JSON schema for Content Blocks, aiding in validation and facilitating the creation of EditorInterface.yaml files with auto-completion support in compatible IDEs. The schema repository is on GitHub: JSON Schema for TYPO3 CMS Content Blocks.
  • Extending Native Record Types: Users now have the ability to define new Record Types for existing native Record Types, offering greater flexibility in customizing extension functionalities. Check out the comprehensive guide: Adding new types to existing tables.
  • Previews for Page Types: Similar to Content Elements, Page Types can now have previews displayed at the top of the content area, enhancing the editing experience. This feature, pioneered by Daniel Siepmann, promises improved usability for TYPO3 users.
  • Custom Field Types: Developers can define custom Field Types for Content Blocks, catering to specific requirements and use cases. This advanced feature enables the creation of specialized elements such as Map Selector or Money fields. See more detail in the documentation: Extending Field Types.
  • Pre-rendered Nested Elements in Frontend: Rendering nested content elements in the frontend has been streamlined, eliminating the need for the f:cObject view helper and simplifying the rendering process. The documentation has detailed instructions: Render nested Content Elements in the frontend.
  • And much more

A detailed list of all changes can be viewed in the GitHub changelog.

TYPO3Camp Mitteldeutschland

We were represented at the TYPO3Camp Mitteldeutschland in Dresden on 14-16 March, 2024. During one of the largest TYPO3 camps, we had two big talks: one was focused on the concept of Content Blocks, while the other took center stage with a live demonstration. The second talk was streamed live, and you can watch it on YouTube: TYPO3Camp Livestream.

What’s Next?

The main focus in the coming period is to continue the exchange with the Core team and work on the Content Blocks feature for v13.

We still encourage you to test the extension via the repository or Packagist and give us your opinions and feedback! Open issues in GitHub, contact us on Slack via our channel #cig-structuredcontent or send us your feedback in other ways! We appreciate any help and support!

Additionally, further work on the Content Blocks Builder Module is on our list.

Keep In Touch

Thank you for your great feedback so far! Please keep testing and sharing your thoughts with us! You can reach us at #cig-structuredcontent on Slack, or join our calls on the 1st and 3rd Monday per month at 08:00 CET.

— The Content Types Team

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