A Recap of the First Remote Code Sprint With the Best Practices Team

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The focus of the Best Practices Team’s first code sprint was to work on open issues for the Tea extension. For me, it was the first official TYPO3 code sprint that I have ever attended — and it will not be my last.

I have been active for quite a while in the TYPO3 community, for example, contributing extensions, answering questions in Slack, and giving a talk at a TYPO3 Camp. Even this news article on typo3.org is not my first one. However, participating in a code sprint for an official TYPO3 team was something I had never done before — so the request from the Best Practices Team was really a good opportunity.

Sprint Kick-Off

The first Remote Code Sprint was held on Monday, 27 November 2023 and began on time at 11:00 (CET). I was quite keen on attending. In total, there were six of us participating. I had expected more, but Daniel, the team leader, was content with this. Expectations can vary.

We had all done some preparation beforehand in order to be ready for the sprint. After a short introduction and explanation of the process, everyone was assigned a GitHub issue and we got to work. 

Communication and Support

I really liked the casual atmosphere. Any questions could be easily asked in the dedicated Slack channel #qa-best-practices using text or jumping in a huddle. This worked really well — particularly because we were a small number of participants. It meant that Daniel, Oliver, or Łukasz (as permanent team members) were able to quickly sort out problems. 

We worked diligently, and at 16:45 (CET), all the participants met again to discuss our experiences from the day.

The Results

Enjoying the time together was one of the goals for this sprint, rather than solving as many issues as possible. For my part, I resolved two open issues. Not much, but it’s a start. 

Overall, the team successfully resolved 12 issues, making for a productive day that flew by.

Join In!

The Best Practices Team will meet again on 15 December 2023 for the next remote code sprint — and I plan to participate.

Check out the event listing to find out what to prepare beforehand, and what you can expect on the day. 

You’re Invited:

Join The Best Practices Team Remote Sprint

I hope to see you there!

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