Report From the Best Practices Team (2023)

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The Best Practices Team has a productive and enjoyable 2023, and look forward to more events, new team members and facing new challenges in 2024. Check out our view of the road ahead.

Closing Out 2023

Towards the end of 2023, we held our first two remote sprints. Find out what it was like from a newcomer’s point of view in this blog post by Karsten Nowak: A Recap of the First Remote Code Sprint With the Best Practices Team.

At TYPO3 Developer Days 2023, Oliver Klee presented a great session on software quality for TYPO3 projects. Oliver gave an overview of which tools the TYPO3 Core and the TYPO3 Best Practices Team use for improving the quality of TYPO3 projects. Check out the slides on Speakerdeck.

Looking Forward to 2024

This year, our main goals are to:

  • Increase the number of active contributors and team members.
  • Make EXT:tea compatible with TYPO3 v 13 LTS.
  • Integrate as best practice for EXT:tea.
  • Demonstrate how to update TYPO3 Extensions.

Feel free to join our TYPO3 Slack channel (#best-practices-team) or sprints and suggest other goals and ideas for us to focus on.

We have a budget for 2024 and plan to  use it to support our remote and on-location code sprints throughout the year. We will also support  team members to join further TYPO3 events to be able to promote our work and answer your questions in person.

Where You Can Find Us in 2024

We plan to attend the:

Join the Team!

We are still looking for more contributors. Check out our team page for further information, join our regular team calls on Slack (#best-practices-team), or attend one of our remote or on-location sprints. Feel free to talk to us during one of the TYPO3 events we’re attending. 

What’s in it for you? New skills, new friends, and a great working culture. Check out the Your benefits section on our team page for all the benefits.

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