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This is a half-year report of the Best Practices Team. Read on to find out about our efforts so far, and think about how you can get involved.

The whole outcome, and current process, is available in the EXT:tea example extension on GitLab and GitHub

This report covers the biggest topics, not every single change.

Becoming a Team and Applying for Budget

The evolution of becoming a team had many steps and topics. We needed to read all the rules, create a document explaining our team idea, create our team page and have a call with the Data Privacy officer. We needed to sign documents for our budget as well as for data privacy.

Joining Forces

We put effort into trying to join forces with other projects regarding best practices. A likely candidate was the project, but that team finished their mission providing a demo instance. The project is now maintained by the Team. We have had meetings with that team and will work together to present the site as a best practice example for TYPO3 projects. That way, interested community members have a best-practices example extension, as well as a best-practices example project at hand.

We also moved our bi-weekly meeting date to make it easier for other teams to join our meeting. That should improve cross-team communication.

The team, as well as our team, are looking for people willing to help out. Both teams currently lack enough people to work on all the topics and drive things forward. Get in touch if you want to be involved.

TYPO3 v12 Compatibility

The existing extension as well as the project are both compatible with the latest TYPO3 v12 LTS. Thanks to all the people involved.

Add Features to the EXT:tea Extension

The extension received several new features. Some were used for training on extension development, others were requested from the TYPO3 Documentation team in our ongoing effort to provide tested and maintained code examples for official documentation. A short list of those features:

  • Ability to hide tea records based on fe_groups
  • Added CRUD functionality
  • Make the records localizable

Auto Update Dependencies

EXT:tea has a workflow to auto update dependencies. This is achieved via GitHub Actions, auto approval of pull requests, and Dependabot. This removes the need to manually keep dependencies up to date and review PRs created by Dependabot. Interested developers can have a look at the corresponding pull request #818

Working as a Team

We are constantly trying to improve being, and working as, a team. This is mainly driven by Oliver Klee. We adjusted our team page to reflect the TYPO3 approach to purpose, vision and mission. We worked on our weaknesses and superpowers and established a proper bi-weekly agenda with checkin and checkout as well as a gaming night. Come and join in the fun!

Thanks to the Team

Let us all say thanks to the people who did the work: Łukasz Uznański and Oliver Klee. In total we spent €0 of our €5,000.00 budget during the first half of the year.

Your Feedback

We hope you find the current outcome of our efforts helpful. You are free to open issues on the repositories (we prefer to track issues in GitHub rather than GitLab). Everyone is welcome to join the Slack channel #qa-best-practices.

Updated 15 August 2023 at 10:45 CEST to clarify the features added to the EXT:tea extension.

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