TYPO3 v10 LTS Released—New Features, Increased Performance, and Unique User Experience on Board

“After more than 20 years of TYPO3, I am very pleased that we are consistently following the path we have chosen. TYPO3 is continuing to develop scalable and reliable open source enterprise content management,” says Olivier Dobberkau, president of the TYPO3 Association. “I am proud that, with its tenth LTS version, TYPO3 gives even more people, companies, and  organizations the opportunity to realize great online projects.”

Mathias Schreiber, Managing Director of TYPO3 GmbH, says the following about the new major release: “The 10 is somehow a magic number and it is something of a software anniversary. TYPO3 v10 LTS is the best CMS we have ever released.”

New Features that Convince

The new TYPO3 v10 LTS release comes with many new features, increased performance, and improved user experience. The release includes more than 120 new features that make  modern websites easier to manage, more compatible, and even more secure, giving even more joy to the day-to-day work with TYPO3. The use of robust and established PHP packages and standards result in  stable APIs throughout the TYPO3 core. This allows editors, administrators, as well as extension developers, to benefit from best practices and easily configure a sophisticated and powerful system.


The biggest and most exciting new feature that made it into the TYPO3 core was dashboards. The dashboard has been eagerly awaited and provides backend users with a quick overview of important system information and statuses. Information digests are displayed in widgets, and a wide range of types and styles are available out of the box. Some standard widgets are included in the TYPO3 core, for example the Getting Started Tutorial, the TYPO3 news as an RSS feed, and some basic information about the current TYPO3 instance. Developers can create their own widgets and backend users can add, remove, and rearrange widgets to their hearts’ content, configure multiple dashboards and easily switch between them.

HTML-Based Templated Emails

Until today, TYPO3’s system emails were plain text emails. The new major version supports nice-looking, template-based HTML and plain-text emails using the Fluid templating engine. Several TYPO3 core emails now use the new format, for example the notification email triggered if a user logs into the backend and the email sent to users when an element’s workspace stage changes. By overwriting the default paths to the Fluid template files, developers and integrators can implement their own customized email templates. Imagine system-generated notification emails with individual colors and brand logo.

New Dependency Injection and Event Dispatcher

A major version is the perfect release to introduce new state-of-the-art technologies. The aim to use robust and established PHP packages and standards throughout the TYPO3 core is evident in important areas: dependency injection (DI) and event dispatch (PSR-14). These technologies allow developers—especially extension developers—to extend the core and system functionality as well as developing individual solutions faster by using a familiar and up-to-date interface that is recognizable and compatible with other systems.

Backend User Management Made Easier

Backend user accounts are one of the most important data sets in a TYPO3 system. Managing user accounts, including users’ details and permissions, is not easy without a clear and well-curated overview. The Backend User module now provides a detail view for TYPO3 administrators. It shows the basic user data such as real name, email address, and start/stop date at the top, followed by groups, permissions, etc. Managing backend users has never been easier.

No More Broken Links with the Link Validator

Configured as a Scheduler task, TYPO3’s Link Validator can automatically detect broken links. This indispensable feature has been extended, and now supports pages, files, as well as external links. External links can now also be validated while editing.

Improved User Privacy and Security

Every improvement that strengthens the security of a website and that protects the privacy of its users is important, no matter if the change is big or small: TYPO3 now supports SameSite cookies to improve user privacy. All external links processed by TYPO3’s TypoLink feature also use the tag attribute rel="noopener noreferrer" by default. Security is always an emphasis in TYPO3, and all passwords are encrypted by using cryptographic salts. TYPO3 supports industry-strength algorithms, such as Argon2i and PBKDF2. 

Even Easier: Getting Started With TYPO3

TYPO3’s great user experience comes from its out-of-the-box capabilities, but it is also dependent on how well the site and custom extensions have been configured. The 10th LTS version makes getting started with TYPO3 even easier. The tried-and-tested page tree structure—reminiscent of the classic Windows Explorer—is used to manage and maintain websites and  content. Every day, content editors use the admin area to create new content and manage files. The Site Manager contains the basic configuration for websites—including multi-site and multi-language support— enables sites to be configured completely through the backend user interface. This makes it possible for newcomers from an enterprise environment to get started quickly and to experience familiarity with the system from the first click.

Maintenance and Support for a Full Six Years

The 10th LTS major version of TYPO3 will be supported for a full six years. The first three years free of charge by the TYPO3 community (1.5 years of full regular maintenance plus another 1.5 years of priority bug fixing with security fixes and critical updates). The paid Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) will be available until April 20, 2026.

Product Information

You can download and find more information about TYPO3 at typo3.org. For TYPO3 related services, visit the TYPO3 Company’s commercial partner listing at typo3.com, where access to the paid Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) program for older TYPO3 LTS versions can also be purchased.

About the TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 GmbH

The TYPO3 Association coordinates and funds the long-term development of TYPO3 CMS. It is a not-for-profit organization that provides software to the public free of charge. The TYPO3 Association is an association according to Swiss Law that was founded by the members of the TYPO3 Community in November 2004. It has its headquarters in Baar ZG, Switzerland. The TYPO3 Association is non-partisan and denominationally neutral. More information about members, objectives, and funding opportunities can be found at: https://typo3.org/project/association/

TYPO3 GmbH is a service company established by the TYPO3 Association to provide support services and to take on the development of the TYPO3 CMS software. More about the TYPO3 Company can be found at https://typo3.com.

The TYPO3 Community has released a new Long Term Support (LTS) version of the TYPO3 Content Management System, the PHP-based web publishing platform widely used in the enterprise market worldwide. The new version will be supported for a full six years.

Baar, Switzerland, 21 April 2020

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