This Month in TYPO3

The title “This Month in TYPO3” might sound familiar to you as there has been a blog post series “This Week in TYPO3” by Ben van’t Ende a couple of years ago. We want to revive this concept and present you on a monthly basis what happened in the TYPO3 community and ecosystem in recent weeks.
This is where we request your help! When you see interesting blog articles or other news regarding TYPO3, extensions, implementations, tutorials, snippets, or what else might fit, please let us know. Just fill out this tiny form and we’re getting buzzed. Or if you’re on Twitter, tweet the link with the hashtag #ThisMonthInTYPO3. We’ll monitor that as well.

Of course we can’t promise to publish every topic, but we like to encourage you to blog more about what you do with TYPO3! Just make sure to post in English, and please don't overdo it with advertising!

Responsible: Peter Kraume

We’re very interested in your feedback. Please leave your comments here, either if you like it or if you have suggestions on how to improve this article series.
Furthermore we’d like to encourage you to blog about TYPO3, regardless if it is about your editor experience or new findings as a developer. Every article is valuable for the TYPO3 community!