This Month in TYPO3 - July 2018 - Issue #4

The highlight event of July certainly was the CertiFUNcation Day. But there are also many other noteworthy things happening in the TYPO3 community. Happy reading!

Created by Peter Kraume

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Table of Contents

  • TYPO3 Core
    • TYPO3 Security Releases 9.3.1, 8.7.17 and 7.6.30
    • TYPO3 ELTS Release Version 6.2.38
  • TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company
    • Talking Open Source and Business - TYPO3 GmbH and DRUD
    • Four ways TYPO3 supports your content strategy
  • Events
    • CertiFUNcation Day Recaps
    • Annual TYPO3 University Day
  • TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community
    • Italian Book Release: Extbase and Fluid
    • New blog about TYPO3 related topics from Richard Haeser
    • TYPO3 version distribution
    • TYPO3 User Group Tirol Meetup
  • Development
    • Apache Solr - Optimize the search results
    • Redis for DDEV
  • Extensions
    • Flux 9.0
    • Fluidpages 4.2.0
    • TYPO3 Console 5.5.0
    • TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report 1.1.0
  • Upcoming Events in the next two months​​​​​​​
    • TYPO3 Core Code Sprint Dresden, August 2nd-5th
    • TYPO3camp Hamburg 2018, August 3rd-5th
    • TYPO3 GmbH Review Friday, August 10th
    • TYPO3camp Munich 2018, September 14th-16th
    • TYPO3 EAST EUROPE 2018, September 14th-16th
    • MEET TYPO3 Vienna 2018, September 20th
    • TYPO3 University Day 2018, September 25th-26th

TYPO3 Core

On July 12th, the TYPO3 CMS core team published two important security releases for TYPO3 9.3, 8.7 and 7.6. Some security fixes require a specific upgrade path, make sure you read the instructions in the advisories carefully. Read more

As the currently maintained ELTS branch was also affected by the above-mentioned security updates, the TYPO3 GmbH team also released Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) version 6.2.38 on the same day. Read more

TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company

Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire, Partner at Open Strategy Partners, Mathias Schreiber, TYPO3 GmbH CEO, and Steve Grandchamp, DRUD Technology LLC CEO sat together and talked about the benefits of Open Source Software. Read this recap of some of the highlights of that conversation. There is also a video linked that you should watch. Read more

In an extensive blog post, Mathias Bolt Lesniak explains four ways TYPO3 supports your content strategy and how it makes organizing and editing web content uncomplicated. Read more


Over the last couple of years, CertiFUNcation Day became the biggest TYPO3 event. It combines a day full of fun in a theme park with the possibility to extend your already existing TYPO3 certificates or obtain new certificates. Marcus Schwemer and Richard Haeser have summarized the latest event in their blogs. Read more from Marcus, read more from Richard.

The TYPO3 University Day T3UD18 is a two-day leadership conference that takes place once a year at different locations. The conference continues to bring together higher ed leaders, future IT professionals and TYPO3 web professionals to deepen understanding of vital topics, advance innovative solutions, and provide new opportunities for businesses. Read more

TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community

A book about custom extensions in TYPO3 is now available in Italian: TYPO3 Extbase: Modern Extension Development for TYPO3 CMS with Extbase & Fluid. This book provides all you need to know to get up and running with Extbase and Fluid, one of the main ways to build extensions. Read more

A couple of days ago, Richard Haeser, known as maintainer of the TYPO3 Yoast extension, started a new blog about TYPO3 related topics in English and Dutch. Read more

There have been some efforts in the past to get better insights how many TYPO3 installations are out there in the wild and which TYPO3 version they use. Lately, Torben Hansen started a new approach and scanned almost 300.000 TYPO3 websites. Read more

Clemens Riccabona has revived the TYPO3 User Group Tirol  in July. The next Meetup is planned for August 2nd in Innsbruck. Georg Ringer will speak about TYPO3 9 and Clemens Riccabona explains why the certificate is just the halfway to go for TLS secured websites! Read more


In another blog post, Marcus Schwemer outlines what can be done to improve the search results of the TYPO3 extension for Apache Solr to increase the acceptance of your on-site search. Read more

If you’re using DDEV for your development environment and want to integrate Redis into your setup, you should have a look at the solution Tymoteusz Motylewski describes on Stack Overflow. Read more


EXT:flux has reached a new milestone with version 9.0 which provides compatibility with TYPO3 8.7.x and 9.x. Read more

The Flux companion extension EXT:fluidpages reached version 4.2.0 and provides TYPO3 8.7 to 9.3 compatibility and a new and much cleaner content grid support. Read more

Helmut Hummel recently released version 5.5.0 of EXT:typo3_console which brings an improved database export with wildcard support. Read more

If you want to upgrade older TYPO3 installations, the TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report provided by EXT: ns_ext_compatibility might be handy for you. Read more

Upcoming Events in the next two months