This Month in TYPO3 - January 2020 - Issue #13

This Month in TYPO3 has awakened from a deep sleep! With a bigger team we want to keep you up to date with news from the TYPO3 universe this year!

Curated by Peter Kraume

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TYPO3 Core

TYPO3 v10 LTS feature freeze ahead! This is a reminder to contributors that we have less than a month to bring in new features for TYPO3 v10 LTS (release scheduled in April 2020). Read more

Our TYPO3 ELTS Team released a new version for TYPO3 v6.2.48 und 7.6.41! As always with our ELTS releases, the main focus is to keep the instance stable and the backend running smoothly, regardless of current browsers changing their behavior in the course of time. Read more

Welcome back in 2020 to Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)! We’re thrilled to present another analysis of contributions to TYPO3 CMS over the last month to you. No doubt about it, you developers rock - thanks a lot to all of you! Check our current list for names and some truly impressive numbers. Read more

TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company

A revamped Marketplace concept, the future of our marketing and events, as well as the topics to receive a special emphasis in 2020 were some of the topics at this year’s last physical meeting of the Board of the TYPO3 Association. Read more

We’re excited about the opportunities to grow TYPO3 in Africa in 2020. Want to join our network of mentors or our delegation to CMS Africa Summit in March? We have African developers who need direct mentorship to help build their skills and grow their local TYPO3 communities. We’re also looking for digital agencies to join us in the TYPO3 delegation to Accra for CMS Africa Summit. Read more

When it comes to your mission-critical website, you don’t want to take chances. You need to make sure it’s working smoothly and flawlessly at any given time. Since your website is no less than the heart of your digital business, you should make its maintenance your top priority. Let’s look at how an Service Level Agreement (SLA) by TYPO3 GmbH can help with safety, security, and accountability! Read more


Watch almost 13 hours of the recording of the two day TYPO3camp in Dresden which took place in January 2020. The streams are in German. Watch day 1 | Watch day 2

If you’ve ever been to a TYPO3camp Vienna, you know that the team behind it goes the extra mile to put up a memorable experience. Be a part of it and benefit from positive emotional impact for you and your brand! Check out the TYPO3camp Vienna sponsoring packages and help to put up a great event again. 

TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community

The release date for TYPO3 v10 has been moved, and the new date is Tuesday, 21 April 2020. That’s the date of the TYPO3 Association’s General Assembly and the Grand Release Party at the TYPO3 Company office in Düsseldorf, Germany - and maybe at your agency, too? Read more

Luisa Faßbender shares the TYPO3's Marketing Teams’ goals for 2020, as they get ready for a sprint to kick off the new decade. Read more

The survey of the Structured Content Initiative is intended to determine the most common use cases when creating content with TYPO3, in order to optimize the corresponding user experience. Please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions. Read more

The TYPO3 Association launched the official TYPO3 certification program more than a decade ago. Today, we offer four certification streams and one of them is the TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer (TCCD) that is the focus of this article by Michael Schams. If you are a TYPO3 extension developer, now is a good time to prepare to master the exam. Read more

Michael Schams and Armin Vieweg published the new edition of the TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer book earlier this month. The revised 2nd edition is up-to-date for TYPO3 v9 exams and contains 200 example questions and detailed explanations of which answers are correct and why. It covers all exam topics and reflects the style and structure of the real exam. Simply the perfect choice for every TYPO3 developer to prepare for the test and master the challenging exam! The study guide is now available as an English eBook at Leanpub. Read more

The budget by community member Daniel Siepmann was approved, he is now looking for feedback and team members to provide QA Best Practices for TYPO3 Extensions and Projects. Until everything is setup, you can find further information on his website. In order to provide an usable outcome for the whole community, everyone is needed. Please contribute! Read more

Are you looking for good TYPO3 SEO tools & techniques that can help you to improve your TYPO3’s on-site SEO? You may already have found & read a lot of articles about what are the important things you need to take care for SEO. Sanjay Chauhan has put together a great summary where to find and how to implement those SEO features into your TYPO3 site. 

On the occasion of the Data Privacy Day, Brent Scott likes to provide a guideline on how to apply cybersecurity best practices to your workplace. The increasing number of data breaches in the digital world have made safety practices more important than ever. Read more

The last year of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union has already begun. Therefore, with this blog post SkillDisplay wants to focus on the future of the Erasmus+ supported project, and additionally the goals of the SkillDisplay GmbH. SkillDisplay is a platform to manage skills, allowing learners, educators, business people and certifiers to interact. Read more


Since May 2019, a new infrastructure powers For extensions developers, some migration tasks are required to ensure that your extensions documentation is rendered automatically on the new infrastructure. Existing legacy documentation is kept until the end of 2020. Read more

The documentation team and a lot of volunteers are doing a tremendous job to provide as much and up to date documentation as possible. Here is a summary of what was added or changed in 2019. Read more

The TypoScript Templating Reference was optimized in January 2020. The menu has been restructured and older versions have been consolidated. Furthermore an introduction has been added alongside links to other information and quick links to the start page. Read more


Daniel Siepmann wrote a blog post about how to provide a better experience to TYPO3 editors when working with plugins. All in all, plugins are replaced by custom content elements. This approach also circumvents the need for the already deprecated switchableControllerActions feature. Read more

With version 10.0 TYPO3 integrated symfony/dependency-injection for a streamlined container based Dependency Injection throughout the core and in extensions. In his blog post Daniel Goerz shows how to use it! Read more

TYPO3 10.2 comes with a new solution for intercepting and extending code. With PSR-14 integrated into the TYPO3 core we can now use Events instead of Signals and Hooks. In another blog post, Daniel Goerz also explains this exciting feature. Read more


Sanjay Chauhan has compiled a list of very useful TYPO3 extensions for Integrators, based on downloads, popularity in the community and his own long-standing experience. Read more

We would like to thank the following contributors (in no particular order) for taking the time to write articles:
Michael Schams, Susi Moog, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Daniel Homorodean, Kathrin Schütte, Benni Mack, Luisa Faßbender, Annett Jähnichen, Daniel Siepmann, Daniel Goerz, Brent Scott, Sybille Peters, Sanjay Chauhan
Content curation: Peter Kraume
Proof reading: Tony Lush