Land ho! Feature Freeze Ahead!

Categories: Development, Community Created by Michael Schams
Feature freeze ahead! This is a reminder to contributors that we have less than a month to bring in new features for TYPO3 v10 LTS (release scheduled in April 2020).

TYPO3 v10.2 in December 2019 marked the last release before the Feature Freeze release in February 2020. Now is the time for TYPO3 extension developers to get familiar with the API and embrace the features available in v10. Check out the v10.2 release announcement.

What Does “Feature Freeze” Mean?

The TYPO3 version 10.3 will mark the Feature Freeze for the v10 cycle and is scheduled on 25 February 2020 (see the TYPO3 CMS Roadmap). From that time, no new features are planned until the LTS release. This means from the point of Feature Freeze to the final LTS release, the core team and all contributors are focused on testing, polish, and refinement.

However, there are some exceptions for minor improvements to complete existing new features added during the v10 release cycle.

With all the features locked down, agencies can even consider building production sites with long development timelines. This will get your clients the longest lifetime for their upcoming project, and you can test the upcoming release on real-world projects.

So that’s why we’re shouting from the crow’s nest: Land ho! Feature Freeze is ahead!

Aye, Aye, Captain! How Can I Help?

Let’s use the time before the Feature Freeze to generate a last-minute creative push. These can be exciting moments for contribution. You can not only submit bugfixes, but now is your last chance to add features that should be incorporated into TYPO3 v10 LTS.

We encourage extension authors and maintainers to start working on making their extensions v10 compatible. This is an important step to ensure that websites that use your extensions can be updated and don't fall behind. Let's keep our fleet sailing smoothly.

Test, test, test! If you’re planning on upgrading projects to TYPO3 v10, now would be a good time to try out an update so you know what to expect. This could also put you in a better position to consult with your clients about the upcoming advantages of v10.

You can also help the Documentation Team shaping the documentation for TYPO3 v10 and of course the Marketing Team to spread the word.

So full speed ahead, get testing, and report any issues to the bridge!

Who Should Get Involved?

Absolutely anyone planning, developing, and maintaining websites and applications with TYPO3 should get involved. So what are you waiting for, matey?