T3BOARD20 Canada

Whistler, Kanada

In January we will visit Tyrol once again and from February to March a group of enthusiasts will go to Whistler, Canada!
Some of our community already confirmed, that they will attend both tracks! That's real enthusiasm in our vital community, as well as in wintersports!

Registration for both events is open and could be done on the events dedicated website t3board.typo3.org.

Program / Schedule

T3BOARD: more than a name

... T3SNOW, T3POWDER, T3WINTER ... lots of different names which are maybe less misleading.
But remember: this is the most traditional TYPO3-event and so the name is!
In the past few years we recognized, some people are puzzled by the name 'T3BOARD'.
Anyway, we are snow-sport enthusiasts! Most of us are skiers nowadays, but if you like cross-country skiing or tobogganing or even nothing of that: You are welcome!

You do not need to be a boarder for attending T3BOARD!