The TYPO3 Marketing Team's 2020 Vision

Categories: Community, Marketing Created by Luisa Faßbender
TYPO3's Marketing Team lead, Luisa Faßbender, shares the teams' goals for 2020, as they get ready for a sprint to kick off the new decade.

Create. Communicate. Contribute.

Under our newly developed slogan, we as the 'newly formed' Marketing Team are looking forward to kick-start the new decade with a blast. We are eager to improve and further strengthen our marketing efforts and bring the project marketing to a whole new level.

Quick introduction: Who are we?

Our team is made up of TYPO3 Association and Community members, that are passionate about spreading the word about TYPO3 and contributing to the project. The team currently consists of Marco Tiel, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Ronald Meeuwissen and Luisa Faßbender. If you want to learn more about us or want to get to know us, please consider checking out our new team page on or message us directly!

And what do we want?

Our overall goal is to create and publish sales and marketing resources to help other people to understand what TYPO3 is as well as to support members and agencies to advertise and sell TYPO3. We have a great product in place, it’s now time to tell the world!

We’d like everyone to be able to clearly communicate TYPO3’s strengths and differentiators, where this CMS fits in the market and, how TYPO3 can deliver value to potential clients and customers. Our aim is to increase the awareness and adoption of TYPO3 and besides that, also grow our community of developers, marketers and business leaders.

What are our goals for 2020?

For 2020, we’ve defined several goals we want to achieve and topics we want to tackle. To keep it short and simple, these are our keywords for this year: 

Awareness  → Raise awareness for TYPO3 in the industry!
Interest → Help people learn about TYPO3 and its features!
Consideration → Show people why they can trust TYPO3 to deliver a great content management experience!

We are going to start working on achieving these goals during our first Marketing Sprint of the year which takes place from 27th to 28th January in TYPO3's new headquarter in Düsseldorf. If you want to join us, please just ping us in Slack!

If you want to find out how exactly we are going to work on achieving these goals, feel free to reach out to us any time via marketing(at) or in the #marketing Slack channel!

Let’s bring the TYPO3 project forward!