This Month in TYPO3 - February 2020 - Issue #14

This issue is dedicated to the upcoming TYPO3 v10 LTS. We're now in the feature freeze phase and this time will be used to polish everything smooth and remove the last bugs, so that a rock solid TYPO3 v10 LTS can be released on April 21st.

Curated by Peter Kraume

On 25 February the core team was super excited to announce the last v10 sprint release 10.3 before the LTS release in April 2020. Key Changes and improvements include the new dashboard, the new translation server, and HTML-based templated emails. Read more

TYPO3 CMS has long had great UX for editors and admins in the backend. Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire has summarized 10 great admin/editor UX features in coming your way in TYPO3 v10 LTS. Read more

Heather McNamee summarized 10 ways on how you can get ready for TYPO3 v10. The more you talk about TYPO3, the more people know about it. A new shiny release is a great reason to talk about all the great things about TYPO3. Read more

With TYPO3 v10 around the corner, it is time to have a deeper look at the new features. In his blog post Daniel Siepmann triest to promote opportunities for agencies and users, provided by the new more technical features. Expect a round up of the new dashboard, new notification API, PSR-14 Events, and some more. Read more

On February 18th the core team announced the latest maintenance releases of TYPO3 v9 (9.5.14) and TYPO3 v8 (8.7.31), containing bugfixes and one important improvement regarding web users' privacy - the configuration of Same Site cookies, which will be enforced by some browsers in the near future. Read more

The CMS Security Summit is an annual, invitation-only event organized by Google, where CMS Security team leads share knowledge with industry colleagues to make CMS systems and the web more secure. This year, the event took place in Munich, Germany, and Oliver Hader, Benni Mack, and Torben Hansen from the Security Team represented TYPO3. Read more

The days around 21 April 2020 are full of parties. These are the go-to events for everyone who uses TYPO3, from developers to editors, and beyond. There is no release party near you? Just organize your own party! Read more

Ticket sale for the TYPO3camp Stuttgart (11-13. June 2020) has started. Read more

Save the Date for "CertiFUN... what?" Yes, #CertiFUNcation 2020 on Friday, 26th June 2020 in the Phantasialand theme park near Cologne, Germany - cancelled

In June 2020 some mountain-lovers of the TYPO3 community will meet again in Tyrols mountains on a mountain shelter for the Second International TYPO3 Hüttengaudi, a weekend to discuss TYPO3 and IT topics and enjoy the wonderful meals, mountains and views in Tyrol. Read more

Some sessions of the TYPO3camp Rhein-Ruhr 2019 are available on YouTube now. Read more

Creation and maintenance of content elements and content structures in the TYPO3 Content Management System should become clearer and more intuitive for editors thanks to better UX. This is the goal of the Structured Content Initiative, which Annett Jänichen as well as other members of the TYPO3 community are involved in. Why this topic is so important for them, what was achieved for the Structured Content Initiative so far, and how you can support the team, will now be explained. Read more

The new Dashboard for TYPO3 has been integrated in the core with TYPO3 10.3. In his blog post, Richard Haeser gives an overview of what happened so far and what is planned until the final release of TYPO3 v10 LTS. Read more

TYPO3 is known for its powerful and flexible caching mechanism. Understanding the basic concepts allows you to build faster websites that drive customer retention—visitors quickly go elsewhere if you make them wait. The TYPO3 caching blog series by Benni Mack is ideal for developers familiar with TYPO3 who want to fully understand the core concepts and build robust and faster websites with TYPO3. Read more

Yoast for TYPO3 can help with optimizing your Web site for search machines. For WordPress users, this plug-in has been a household word for quite some time. Now Yoast has been available for TYPO3 for a while as well. In fact, it is not only remarkably handy, but also fun to use. Benjamin Riezler will explain in detail how this SEO tool works in TYPO3. Read more

Sanjay Chauhan has collected the best resources for beginners to learn TYPO3. Whatever your role in website development is like a marketer, editor or developer, this educational blog post will help you to guide as TYPO3 beginners. Read more

In an extensive blog post Sanjay Chauhan summarized best practices and tools to speed up your TYPO3 performance. This includes a lot of practical solutions and code snippets. Read more

Sebastian Klein has written a tutorial which explains how to use the PageType Enhancer in Routing in TYPO3 v9, for example to configure the desired URL suffix. Read more

The API for sending emails has improved with TYPO3 v10. Swiftmailer has been replaced by two symfony components: symfony/mailer and symfony/mime. This post by Daniel Goerz shows how to use the new API. Read more

A webpage produced by TYPO3 consists of various pieces of content, contained in semantic containers called “Content Elements” in TYPO3 parlance. For David Steeb, the fact that we (and you!) can build our own content elements is one of the unique selling points (USPs) that sets TYPO3 apart from other CMSs in power and flexibility. Read more

DDEV, built on Docker,  is very useful for the development of TYPO3 projects and offers very good speed. In his article Thomas Kieslich explains special customizations for TYPO3. In 2019 DDEV became more interesting in two areas for use with TYPO3: in version 1.10 configurable commands were added and in version 1.12 many more selectable database versions. Read more

Daniel Siepmann has published a TYPO3 extension to demonstrate features like PSR-7, PSR-11, PSR-15, PSR-14, Aspects, Context and EXT:dashboard in order to have a basic tracking on his own website. Read more