10 Ways to Get Ready for TYPO3 v10

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The more you talk about TYPO3, the more people know about it. A new shiny release is a great reason to talk about all the wonderful things about TYPO3 CMS. Here are 10 ways you can get ready for TYPO3 v10.

Get in it to win it! There are TWO ways to be entered in a prize draw to help boost TYPO3 adoption. Update your TYPO3 Extension or write about TYPO3. Keep an eye on #TYPO3CMSX for news!

Read on!

1. Download TYPO3 CMS v10. Try it out!

We’ve JUST passed the feature freeze mark. Now it’s time for the TYPO3 community to start using TYPO3 v10, testing it, and giving feedback. 

I started using TYPO3 v10 a few months ago on our own site (still in the works!) And it’s nice to see the improvements going in. Now that all the major features are settled you might be able to start planning new projects with TYPO3 v10. 

2. Near Düsseldorf? Get your tickets to TYPO3 GmbH’s Official Launch Party! 

Come along to the TYPO3 GmbH headquarters from 6pm onwards. Learn about all the great features of TYPO3 v10 LTS. Thank contributors and celebrate all the hard work the community has put into the latest and greatest version of TYPO3. There will be delicious food and drinks. And a DJ!

Get tickets here! *

* The €11.90 ticket fee helps cover costs and lowers the chance of no-shows. There’s limited space, so please book now to avoid disappointment!

3. Host or attend a TYPO3 CMS v 10 Release Party!

Celebrate the new release of TYPO3 v10. It’s also a chance to thank local contributors, and inform colleagues and clients about all the hard work that goes into this amazing and totally free software their business relies on.  

  1. Set up your event and some way to RSVP, such as meetup.com. 
  2. Then - Come to typo3.org and list your event. 
  3. Then - send invites and shout about your #TYPO3ReleaseParty

Check out the TYPO3 Release Party List

Tip: The TYPO3 Association can set up registration for your release party on the TYPO3 Eventbrite account. You will get live access to participant lists and be able to update your event details. (Entrance must be free of charge.)

4. Upgrade your TYPO3 Extensions and publish on TER. 

With TYPO3 v10 core features in place, extension maintainers are starting to update their extensions so they are ready by the release date on 21 April 2020. This is a major way to boost adoption. The more extensions that are ready by the time of release - the more confident people will be about adopting TYPO3 v10. 

Get in it to win it! If you update your extension on TYPO3’s TER - you’ll automatically be entered to win the prize draw. But please make sure people know about your hard work. Tweet that you’re getting ready for #TYPO3CMSX. 

Check out the current list of TYPO3 v10-dev compatible extensions in the TER

5. Blog about TYPO3 v10!

Share what you’re most looking forward to with TYPO3 v10 on your personal or agency blog. 

This is the second way to be entered into a prize draw to boost TYPO3 v10 adoption. Make sure we know about it, by tweeting #TYPO3CMSX with your link. 

Wondering what to write? Start with your audience, what do they need to know?

  • Write for your customers or decision-makers about choosing TYPO3 v10 over other options. 
  • Write for project managers about the new capabilities in TYPO3 v10. 
  • Write for developers about taking advantage of new capabilities or upgrading from earlier versions. 

If you’re looking for resources there’s a brilliant list of changes outlined in the What’s New PDFs for each release. These are available in multiple languages: Dutch, English, French, Italian, German, and Serbian, thanks to contributors!

6. Keep an eye out for release promotion materials. 

We’ll have news soon about the release promotion materials. You can use them to talk with colleagues and clients, at events and meetups. Or for posting on social media and in your blog. 

  • Social media graphics. 
  • A release party presentation. 
  • Also in the works: presentations and materials to talk with others about TYPO3 v10. 

Check out TYPO3 v10 Release Materials. Come into the #marketing channel if you want to help create resources to boost TYPO3 v10.

[Details TBD: Here’s a cool idea! Join or host a TYPO3 v10 webinar in your own language or in your timezone]

7. Follow #TYPO3CMSX on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Follow this hashtag on social media to get updated with new content and new releases. We’ll have news about the prizes available for the prize draw too!

If you have any questions or thoughts about #TYPO3CMSX, join in the conversation. 


8. Talk about TYPO3 v10 at meetups, camps, and conferences.

Submit a talk at a local PHP meetup, marketing event, or TYPO3 camp. Think about what your audience would like to know about TYPO3. If you’re stuck for ideas, any one of the TYPO3 CMS features would make a fabulous topic. Come into the #Marketing channel on TYPO3 Slack if you need some help. 

Tip! T3DD20 - TYPO3 Dev Days call for participation is open! You can submit talks, tutorial, workshop, and discussions. 

9. Mentor a new TYPO3 developer to help grow TYPO3

The TYPO3 Association is sending delegates to the CMS Africa Summit in March 2020. 

The TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee is looking for volunteer mentors to connect new TYPO3 developers with experienced mentors. This is a model that has worked really well in other open source communities. Even though there are absolutely no stupid questions, we can’t help it when newcomers feel intimidated in a well-established community. Direct mentoring can lower barriers to adoption. It helps people learn how to make use of the resources and find help quickly. 

10. Join as a TYPO3 Association Member. 

The software you rely on is supported by the TYPO3 Association - thanks to the membership. 

I started out with a Community Membership at just €7.92 per year. You get the feel-good glow and a vote at the General Assembly. And last year, I proudly upgraded to Bronze for Freelancers, as a self-employed person that made sense to me. 

Join up today!