This Month in TYPO3 - May 2020 - Issue #17

Time flies! The release of TYPO3 v10 is already one month ago and the adoption rate is awesome which can be measured by over 400 compatible extensions!

Curated by Peter Kraume

In This Issue

TYPO3 Core

On May 12th, a number of security bulletins were released together with TYPO3 10.4.2 and 9.5.17, which fixed the mentioned problems. Read more

On the same day, TYPO3 v6.2.49, 7.6.42 and 8.7.33 were released for ELTS customers, which tackle the above mentioned security issues. Read more

A week later, TYPO3 10.4.3 and 9.5.18 maintenance releases were published. They aimed to reduce and fix side-effects of recent TYPO3 v10.4.2 and v9.5.17 releases. Read more

These patches to reduce and fix side-effects were also backported to TYPO3 v6.2.50, 7.6.43, and 8.7.34 for ELTS customers. Read more

Adopting PSRs makes it easier for new developers to adapt to TYPO3. Better interoperability is both at the interface level and the user level. Learn more in this article where Susanne Moog spoke with Benni Mack. Read more

TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company

The TYPO3 Association Board met online Monday and Tuesday 20–21 April 2020 for the quarterly meeting. The topics included preparing the General Assembly, visions for the TYPO3 Company and Supervisory Board elections, as well as reviewing the budget, member management, ongoing projects, and disaster recovery plans. Read more

You might be wondering just who is writing the TYPO3 Guidebook and how the project is coming along. Heather McNamee sat down to interview her colleague Felicity Brand, the TYPO3 Guidebook’s main author, about her experience, what she’s working on right now, and what’s next on the horizon for the book. Read more

Upcoming Events in the Next Two Months


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of User Groups and Meetups take place remotely! This opens a great opportunity for everybody to attend these events regardless of where they live! Make sure to check the calendar on regularly so you don’t miss an event! Read more

The event team gives you an update about the planned TYPO3 events in 2020 against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic. More or less all physical events, such as camps, TYPO3 v10 Release Parties, the CertiFUNcation Day at Phantasialand, and the Developer Days in Karlsruhe, have already been canceled, postponed or changed to an online event due to the corona situation. Read more

TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community

You, Me, and TYPO3! is a fresh take on young people that make our TYPO3 community so unique. Benni Mack wants to put the spotlight on the humans behind the computers, and, as we say in the TYPO3 community, inspire people to share—share their stories. This time, he is talking with Oli Bartsch - TYPO3 / PHP developer from schoene neue kinder in Munich. Read more

In his blog post, Marco Tiel summarizes the Top 10 Reasons to Use the Open Source Enterprise CMS TYPO3. Here’s how new features in TYPO3 v10 LTS improve user experience, performance, and security. Read more

David Steeb from b13 wrote about their experience which has shown them that upgrading your TYPO3 site to the latest version, and updating it regularly after that is the most cost-efficient way to get the most value out of your site. Upgrades between major versions of TYPO3 are easier than ever before. People seem to overestimate the work required to upgrade their sites. Smart automation and staying close to the TYPO3 community make upgrades fast, easy, and worth doing for every major version release, every 18-24 months. Read more

SkillDisplay announced a ready-to-use curriculum to help students learn about content management. Learning has moved online in response to the recent COVID-19 crisis. This increases demand on educators and students to establish a workflow for online learning with access to materials in the right learning paths. Read more

As you might remember, the Structured Content Initiative did a survey of TYPO3 Editors. In the April report of the Structured Content Initiative they present the results of that survey. Read more

TYPO3 Users, Please Let Us Know Your Feedback! The marketing team is looking for reviews from TYPO3 users to share their experiences with our beloved CMS. This is to improve our visibility and help peers who are looking for a reliable, secure, fast, and flexible content management system. Read more

The SkillDisplay platform and extension will be updated to TYPO3 v10. Additionally, the extension becomes open source with the end of the Erasmus+ project. Partnerships to support the development are available and a developer network for flexible solutions will be established. Read more

Integration & Development

Since November 2019 GitHub Actions are available, so Torben Hansen took some time to migrate his GitLab CI Build Pipeline with Unit-, Functional- and Acceptance-Tests for a TYPO3 Extension to GitHub Actions. The results of this migration process is available on GitHub and summarized in his blogpost. Read more

In his blog post "Caching in TYPO3 - Part 2" Benni Mack took a deep dive into how TYPO3 is caching variants of a page and how to improve caching - but also how you can leverage TYPO3's Site Handling into speaking URLs. Read more

Marc Willmann has updated his blog post on how to Authenticate Frontend Users Against Other Data Sources with the TYPO3 Services API and how TYPO3 handles the login of a frontend user. Read more

The world’s most popular CKEditor has been integrated into TYPO3 already back then with TYPO3 8.7 and it was one of the greatest decisions. In a blog post Sanjay Chauhan wants to guide you from basic to advanced level CKEditor integration and customization into TYPO3 CMS. Read more

In his article Martin Alker would like to talk about the integration of Responsive Images in TYPO3 v10. Most of the examples given there can also be applied to older TYPO3 versions (v9 and v8). It is recommended to consult the respective documentation, e.g. the TYPO3 Core documentation, which clearly shows in which TYPO3 version which feature has been added and how it is used, partly even with code examples. Read more

If you're really focused on your website you need to concentrate on the TYPO3 security best practices. In his guide, Sanjay Chauhan shares all the top TYPO3 security tips to assist you with ensuring the safety of your website against hack attempts and malware. Read more

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